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This Weird Thing Can Mess With Your Prostate And You Don’t Know About It

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This Weird Thing Can Mess With Your Prostate And You Don't Know About It

This Weird Thing Can Mess With Your Prostate And You Don’t Know About It


When it comes to prostate health for men, experts agree that there are certain factors including obesity and smoking that contribute to the development of the disease. More recent research has identified another important factor that may be playing a key role in prostate health. A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that when the physical activity level of men dropped, their PSA levels rose. An elevation in this bodily protein has long been associated with inflammation or infection in the body, as well as with prostate cancer.

Weird Thing That Can Mess With Your Prostate

The study showed that a 16% rise in PSA levels occurred when men had just an hour of extra sedentary time added to their day. In contrast, men who had only one hour of minimal physical activity added to their day demonstrated an 18% less likely chance of having elevated PSA levels. These results indicate that getting the body moving may not only be good for maintaining a healthy weight but for maintaining a healthy prostate as well.

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Another important study that examined post-surgical tissue from prostate cancer patients found that more normally shaped blood vessels from tumors were associated with pre-surgery reporting of faster paces of walking. This was compared to pre-surgery reported slower walking paces associated with smaller, abnormally shaped blood vessels within prostate tumors. These findings show the significant impact that exercise can have on our overall health, with better prostate health being another important benefit.

Researchers agree that more studies need to be done regarding the relationship between physical activity levels and PSA levels as medical markers for prostate problems. However, this research reinforces the principal that exercise is an important part of improving overall health. Further, it demonstrates how physical activity can directly affect specific internal parts of the body like the prostate gland.

Seeing your doctor for routine examinations along with having an awareness of symptoms are important for detection of prostate problems. Additionally, staying physically active and refraining from exclusively sedentary activities is an important consideration for maintaining overall health, including the health of the prostate gland.

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