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Why Are Antioxidants Important?

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Why Are Antioxidants Important?

“Do you worry about wrinkles and ageing skin? Most women and a surprising number of men think about the visible signs of ageing regularly and lather on expensive creams to try and combat the effects. Many don’t realise that preventing wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation can actually be done very cheaply without the need for all the costly creams. By targeting free radicals which are the number one cause of skin ageing you can enjoy youthful, great looking skin well into middle age while fighting off a whole host of health conditions and even the big C word – cancer.

Free radicals are molecules, which are damaged and are caused by processed foods, UV light, pollution and habits such as smoking and drinking. By avoiding these and dosing up on antioxidants you can prevent free radicals doing any harm to your skin and more importantly, your body in general. Lathering on sunscreen is a great place to start and is a cheap and quick way of protecting your skin against the sun. This will prevent much of the damage that people turn to expensive creams for and will help ward of skin cancer which has increased ten fold in the last decade. Check this infographic to find out how you can take control of your life and say goodbye to free radicals forever.”


Infographic produced by SpaceNK

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