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7 Types Of Kisses From Around The World You And Your Partner Should Try

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7 Types Of Kisses From Around The World You And Your Partner Should Try

7 Types Of Kisses From Around The World You And Your Partner Should Try


Many people will break off a budding relationship if the kissing isn’t up to par. In fact, the exact statistics are 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women. If you don’t want to join these numbers, here are seven types of kisses to try with your partner.

1. French Kiss

A true classic, the French kiss involves lots of tongue and is a great way to flood your brain with dopamine and serotonin. It isn’t just hot; it’s also scientifically proven to increase pleasure.

2. French-Canadian Kiss

An inverse of French kissing, the French-Canadian kiss involves tangling your tongues outside of your mouth. It’s fun, messy and a great way to boost your level of !ntimacy with your partner.

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3. Russian Kiss

You’ll need a piece of ice for a Russian kiss because you and your partner will need to pass it back and forth between your mouths. Add a dash of vodka to make it a white Russian like the drink!

4. North Korean Kiss

These kisses are very restrained, but they promise even more exciting things to come. Anticipation makes your cheeks flush and your blood vessels dilate, so don’t underestimate it as an aphrodisiac.

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5. Japanese Kiss

Japanese kisses are very messy, but that’s what makes them so adept at firing up your neurotransmitters. To conduct a Japanese kiss on your partner, lick into their mouth in a fast, frenzied way and let the spit coat your lips and chins.

6. Chinese Kiss

Chinese kisses are “equal opportunity” kisses that are planted on the lips, tongue, cheek, neck and anything else you feel like kissing. Go wild!

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7. Australian Kiss

These kisses go “down under,” making them delightful but not the kind of kiss you exchange on the first date. Make sure you try the other types of kisses before you ask your partner about this one.

These are just a few kiss types worth further experimentation. What do you think? Are there any good ones not included on this list?

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