14 Signs You’ve Found the One

14 Signs You've Found the One

14 Signs You’ve Found the One

Finding the one isn’t easy, and no manner of relationship therapy will net you an automatic solution to love woes. But it’s always helpful to be aware of signs that your search is over. As long as you listen to your instincts, you won’t need relationship advice.

1. Listen
Your partner should be genuinely interested in what you have to say. We all taper off occasionally, but if your beau is listening most of the time, he may be a keeper.

2. Interesting
She should catch your interest beyond casual conversation and social platitudes. She should have an aspect that truly grips you from within and keeps you waiting, eager to learn more.

3. Respect
Your significant other should always respect you. In regard to space, time, and what’s important to you, someone who’s genuinely considerate is always a gem.

4. Similar
Dating someone who’s too similar to yourself could be sowing the seeds for disaster, but having a core set of beliefs that are alike can make for a lasting relationship.

5. Different
A difference from others and a difference from yourself is important. Varying interests and strengths also present a way for you to fill each other out and grow together.

6. Sanctuary
If your date feels like a sanctuary away from the darkness that plagues your mind, you know you’ve found someone worth holding on to.

7. Challenge
Someone who’s too stubborn can be endlessly frustrating, but having a partner who’s eager to engage you is important, a pushover results in emptiness.