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Here Is What Burger King’s Halloween Whopper Does To Your Poop

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Here Is What Burger King’s Halloween Whopper Does To Your Poop

Here Is What Burger King’s Halloween Whopper Does To Your Poop

If you’ve been active on Twitter of late, you may have noticed a new trending hashtag. #GreenPoop, the adorable hashtag created in response to the color of Burger King patrons’ bowel movements, is now a thing. That’s right, customers who are trying out Burger King’s new “Halloween” Black Whopper are experiencing a rather menacing side effect: Green Poop.
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Burger King's Halloween Whopper green poop

This new development certainly begs the question, “why would a black hamburger cause one’s poop to turn green?” Two possible justifications for this reaction are Yellow #6, Red #40, Caramel Color, and Blue #5 food coloring that was used to color the Whopper’s buns and that has been known to turn feces bright green. The second reason of the “green poop” can also be caused by “the presence of bile, which can show up if bowel movements move a little more quickly than usual through the intestinal tract” and by an excess of iron.

As a health; wellness website, we cannot conscientiously advocate the consumption of junk food such as this, but it does make for an interesting science experiment to see if our “results” are the same as everyone else’s.

Perhaps the main takeaway from this is that Burger King may have released this burger at the wrong time and missed an opportunity to capitalize on a totally different holiday: St. Patrick’s Day.

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