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The Secret of How to Get an Unromantic Man to Unleash His Inner Don Quixote

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The Secret of How to Get an Unromantic Man to Unleash His Inner Don Quixote

The Secret of How to Get an Unromantic Man to Unleash His Inner Don Quixote

Science says that it takes only a fifth of a second. However, even if there’s passionate love in your relationship, things may fall short of your expectations if your man isn’t as interested in romance as you. It’s a trite stereotype that women love romantic things, like flowers, gifts, dinner dates, and the like, while men are apathetic. Although this is far from being a hard and fast rule, it still holds true for some couples. There’s a good chance your man isn’t great at being romantic. Maybe he doesn’t care for anniversary celebrations, Valentine’s day, or romantic dates in the park. If you wish your man was more romantic, don’t despair! There are a few things you should know to help you deal with this.

How To Make Your Unromantic Man Fluent In The Language Of Love

One way you can inspire your man to be more romantic is by taking an initiative. This means that you be the one to plan romantic dates and celebrations, instead of waiting for him to do so. Chances are your man won’t object to a romantic walk on the beach that you’ve planned out for the two of you, or receiving a box of chocolates on Valentine’s day. Setting an example for him will help to reveal his more romantic side that you don’t see often enough. Try this and see if he doesn’t reciprocate your romantic gestures.

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Even if your man isn’t one for romance or sappy stuff, it’s likely that he does participate in romantic things with you from time to time. It’s key to let him know how much you enjoy and appreciate romance. When he goes out with you on a romantic evening date, be sure to thank him afterward and let him know your gratitude. If he gives you a gift, be sure to thank him and give him some affection in return. This positive reinforcement will make your man more willing to do romantic things.

Another way to let more romance into an unromantic relationship is by compromising. What this means is that the two of you should work together to find an option that suits the both of you. For example, if your unromantic man wants to see an action movie that just came out in theaters, you could make a date out of it by seeing the movie and then going for ice cream and taking a walk in the park. This way, your man gets what he wants while the event becomes a little more romantic.

The most important and effective way to deal with your man being unromantic is to understand the concept of an individual’s love language. The most common love languages include physical affection, acts of service, supportive words, giving gifts and spending quality time together. Here is an example to help you understand further: if your love language is gift giving, then that means that your preferred method of expressing love to your partner is by giving them a gift, and what makes you feel the most loved is receiving a gift.

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If you find that you’re more romantically inclined than your partner, chances are your love language is either gift-giving, quality time, or physical touch. Maybe your partner’s love language is different from yours. For example, if your man’s love language is acts of service, then he prefers to do things for you as a way of expressing love. This is something to think about. Does your man often do the dishes for you, or run errands for you, even when there’s no reason for him too? These things are his way of being romantic. After all, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

You should recognize your partner’s love language and learn to appreciate and speak it. Once you are more familiar with the way your partner prefers to express love, chances are, his being “unromantic” might not bother you so much anymore.

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