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How We Managed To Quit Sugar In Just 2 Weeks

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How We Managed To Quit Sugar In Just 2 Weeks

How We Managed To Quit Sugar In Just 2 Weeks

Sugar is our worst enemy when it comes to our health! It messes up the work of almost every organ in your body: the liver, gut, pancreas, brain and worst of all – the heart. And the sad truth is that nowadays, most of the people don’t even realize the importance of getting this “modern drug” out of their diet.

How We Managed To Quit Sugar In Just 2 Weeks

But, do you know what actually happens when this half glucose and half fructose carbohydrate enters your body?

– Your system has a hard time recognizing when it’s truly full, because sugar messes up with the hormone called leptin;

– Your brain gets addicted to sugar because it raises the dopamine levels in the body – it has been proven to be as addictive as cocaine and heroin;

– Your pancreas has a hard time too – the more sugar you have, the harder your pancreas has to work;

– This leads to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and worst case scenario – heart disease;

– It’s the main reason why 1 out of 3 people in America is obese;

And these are just a few of the countless series of unfortunate events that this sweet poison causes to your body!

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But why sugar suddenly became so bad for us, when people are consuming it since forever?

The answer is simple:

Sugar is added in almost every product on the market!

The sad statistic is:

80% of all the food items in America contain added sugar.

Food manufacturers add it to most of the products because it makes them taste better.

It is bad for our health, but tasty food sells better!

In order to hide it, they use many different names to label sugar, so it is really tricky to avoid it.

And you cannot imagine how great life feels when you wake up detoxed from sugar.

You will:

– Wake up with more energy

– Lose weight

– Get fit

– Get better sleep

– Build better immune system

– Stop craving bad foods

– Feel energized instead of tired

– Get fresh and healthier skin

I live a life without sugar for almost a year now and I’ve never felt so good in my life!

I went from being a real sugar junkie to quitting sugar in just 2 weeks.

And I managed to do that with “The Team-Up Technique”.

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The Team-Up Technique: (My Personal Sugar Quitting Formula)

I came up with “The Team-Up Technique” when I first decided to give up sugar.

I was looking for some “sugar quitting” programs and I noticed that I couldn’t find one that was high quality and free at the same time.

After few months of struggling and failing, I decided to make my own sugar quitting technique.

After learning everything about my enemy, I came up with few ideas on how to make it easier.

Since I’ve studied a lot, I came up with a great psychology formula:

learning + teaming up + right foods + right activities

I finally started my sugar quitting journey together with my boyfriend and surprisingly for both of us – IT WORKED!

We managed to quit sugar in just 2 weeks!

Despite our cravings and horrible sugar addiction, we managed to keep it up and lower our sugar intake from 130 grams per day to 5 grams per day.

Actually, there are 5 simple steps that make up “The Team-Up Technique”:

Step 1: Learn Everything About Sugar

Step 2: Find A Teammate

Step 3: Add The Right Foods To Your Diet

Step 4: Balance The Blood Sugar Levels With The Right Supplements

Step 5: Start Doing The Right Activities

You may be wondering why this technique works so well?

I’m going to explain it all in details.

First of all, in order to get rid of your enemy, you have to know it very well.

That makes sense:

How else would you be able to realize why sugar is bad for you if you don’t know how it affects your body and your health, right?

So because of that, in the first step of “The Team-Up Technique” I learned everything about sugar.

I even added short documentary videos to this technique, in order to assure you that sugar is a sweet toxic!

The next step is actually my favorite one – finding your perfect partner!

And by a partner, I mean a person that you will take this journey with.

Imagine this:

You’re giving up sugar, but every single person around you is eating chocolate in your face!

It would be easier if you had at least one person that supports you, right?

That’s why I chose my boyfriend.

Choosing can be tricky, but you’ll get all the meaty details on how to make the right choice for a teammate!

I didn’t have difficulties in choosing mine since I wrote this whole technique based on my greatest supporter. But don’t worry, because I’ll guide you through the choosing process.

The next step is all about the sugar quitting diet plan.

Well, we have to learn to eliminate the bad foods from our diet and add the right ones in it.

Food can be poison, but in the same time – it can be a cure.

There’s actually a simple formula that I follow:

proteins + fibers + healthy fats

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Not only that this formula kept us away from sugar, but it also made us healthy and fit.

Also adding the right substitutes and supplements in your diet will help you get over the sugar cravings faster, so it’s necessary to learn a bit about nutrition.

And finally, doing the right type of exercises will help you give up sugar faster.

But is there a wrong activity when trying to quit sugar?

Unfortunately, there are some types of exercises that increase your sugar cravings.

Apparently, when doing certain activities such as long cardio activities, running or triathlons, your body craves for carbohydrates.

So instead of that, we’ll choose the ones that balance your blood sugar levels.

My personal strength training program helped us give up sugar get healthy and fit!

And today we still live happy and healthy lives without ANY sugar.

Since then, I used “The Team-Up Technique” to help many people to end their sugar cravings and start changing their lives.

My mission is to help as many people as I can and lead them to a better life!

And I can proudly say that:

Getting this white toxin out of my diet was the best thing that happened to me.

Yes, it takes patience and a lot of giving up to change the way you think about food, but once you set your mind that you can do it, you’re halfway there.

Just believe in yourself, because your body can do almost anything – it’s the mind that needs an extra push

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