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Attention Ladies: Avoid These 3 Dating Mistakes

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Attention Ladies: Avoid These 3 Dating Mistakes

Attention Ladies: Avoid These 3 Dating Mistakes

The online dating world can be a fun and exciting way to meet new people or a cold, harsh wasteland of disappointment and heartache. Research shows that women should avoid these common mistakes to ensure their experience is a positive one:

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Excessive Selfies
Don’t post too many pictures. A picture says a thousand words, but you don’t need a thousand selfies to express who you are. In a 2013 study, it showed that people who post more selfies have less meaningful relationships than their camera shy counterparts.

Overly Dramatic Updates
Don’t be overly dramatic or emotional in your profile. Men feel threatened by overt expressions of emotion and online is no different.

Going Public With An Argument
Don’t overshare personal information with the world or worldwide web. If you can’t be discreet with the details of your relationship, men will deem you untrustworthy.

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In a recent, interview Steve Harvey and Bela Gandhi of the Smart Dating Academy discuss and clarify the top three dating mistakes women make online.

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