This Woman Drank Honey- Lemon Water Every Day For a Full Year. Here’s What Happened

Honey and lemon juice have long been touted as the perfect natural remedies for colds, but most people don’t understand the science behind it. Honey is a natural antibacterial remedy. It strengthens the immune systems and speeds up the healing process. Lemon juice contains a very high amount of vitamin C, which also promotes healing and strengthens the immune system. Together these two are excellent at fighting the common cold, but there is speculation that they can do even more.

See What Happened to a Woman Who Drank Honey-Lemon Water for 1 Year

An Australian woman, Crystal Davis, decided to test that theory by drinking honey-lemon water every day for a full year. During her experiment she discovered countless improvements and decided to continue drinking the concoction permanently. Here are some of the benefits she uncovered:

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To get these amazing health benefits, Davis uses raw honey and organic lemons. She adds one teaspoon of honey and half of a lemon to one cup of boiling water. Then, she adds a splash of cold water to make it cool enough to drink.