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Exercise Is not The Most Important Factor In Weight Loss. See What It Is…

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Exercise Is not The Most Important Factor In Weight Loss. See What It Is...

Exercise Is not The Most Important Factor In Weight Loss. See What It Is

The benefits of physical exercise can go way beyond simply achieving the ideal body. While many people turn to exercising as a means to whip into beach-ready shape, adapting a workout routine can offer an array of other health benefits. Many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, can be reversed or completely eliminated by incorporating some form of metabolic training into the prescribed exercise program.

Doctors Say- Exercise Isn't Important In Weight Loss. Here is What Really Matters

Exercising also has benefits that go further than physical changes by providing some cognitive improvements. The body’s chemical makeup is altered during different phases of exercise, which triggers neurological signals telling the brain to feel good. While physical training has been touted as a worthy investment for anyone seeking better health, it is not the most efficient vehicle to the ultimate goal—weight loss.

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is a product of caloric deficit. Basically, you want to have a clear calculation of how many calories you are taking in versus how many calories you are expending throughout the day. This includes calories burned during physical training. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines a caloric deficit as a bodily state in which “you are eating fewer calories than you are using.

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Your body is pulling from its fat storage cells for energy, so your weight is decreasing.” Your body stores energy in the form of fat and these stores are depleted when the body does not receive an external source of nutrients to pull energy from. So while exercising is a great way to fight and prevent certain metabolic diseases, diet is the key factor in the pursuit of weight loss.

Unfortunately, a large majority of the people who are seeking to lose weight are uneducated in proper nutritional guidelines. Since you now know that in order to lose weight you would have to burn more calories than consumed in the day, you can begin to make smarter decisions during your next trip to the grocery store. Some of the most calorie-dense food is the processed stuff that you find in boxes, bags, and cans. These options tend to be filled with preservatives, high amounts of sodium, and excess sugars for added taste. A great tip to avoid the temptation of grabbing those processed foods off the shelf is to begin your grocery trip around the outer perimeter of the store. In most supermarkets, the wall shelves are usually where you will find fresh produce and healthy options.

By now you may be wondering which foods are the ones you should actually be consuming to finally lose that weight (after all, isn’t that why you are reading this?) Generally, fresh produce will not be dense in calories, so that is a factor that is no longer a worry and we can now set that aside. Vegetables will become your new best friend because they contain many of the essential nutrients which your body needs to properly function. They also contain high amounts of dietary fiber which is necessary for easy digestion and intestinal health.

Another great option to always have on your grocery list is beans. They provide the necessary protein that your body needs and are full of iron and vitamins. It may seem counter intuitive, but I recommend keeping fruit intake to a minimum if your goal is to lose weight. Most fruit are high in sugar and any glucose that the body does not use will be stored in the form of fat.

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A key takeaway from this article is to be aware that losing weight is a goal that is met through proper diet and nutrition. While exercising has its benefits in preventing diseases, it will not lead to weight loss. Caloric restriction is fundamental in allowing your body to use its stored fat as a source of energy. As a certified personal trainer, I stand by these recommendations as I would advise my clients in the same way. Stay healthy my friends.

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