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How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

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How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

If you’re trying to save money or grow your hair out long, it’s easy to go too long in between haircuts or trims. How often you should cut your hair depends on your hair texture and the style you want. Set up a maintenance schedule that keeps your hair healthy and attractive.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair 2

Thin Hair

It’s hard to find hairstyles for thin hair that look good because there is less hair to style. Whether your hair is fine or you don’t have much hair, short, textured pixie cuts are an excellent option. Short hairstyles work well for thin hair because the shorter the hair is, the thicker it appears. You can see here how well thin hair works in short styles. Short hairstyles need to be cut and maintained more frequently, about every 2 to 6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

Curly Hair

Thick, curly hair can go longer in between cuts if it is kept healthy, because it needs to grow longer for the increased length to be noticeable. However, curly hair tends to be dry and easily damaged. Damage should always be removed on a regular basis. Curly hairstyles that are kept fairly short will also need to be cut more often. Curly hairstyles for men and for women are maintained similarly. Keep the hair well-conditioned and use a good styling product to keep frizz at bay.

How Healthy is Your Hair?

Healthy hair doesn’t need to be cut or trimmed as often. Most of the time, hair needs to be cut to remove split and damaged ends. The longer you wait in between cuts, the farther up the hair shaft damage will travel. Hairstyles for thin hair may need to be trimmed more frequently because fine, thin hair is more delicate and prone to damage.

How Often Should Men Cut Their Hair?

Hairstyles for men vary from extremely short to lengths that rival many women’s hairstyles. Getting your hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks is ideal for a man who is maintaining his current style, according to AskMen.com. Very short hair may need to be cut more frequently.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

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Whether you are considering short hairstyles or you’re having trouble managing your curls, your stylist is your greatest help. Trust their expertise and experience when looking for a new cut. If you aren’t happy with your stylist’s ideas, look for someone who understands what you’re trying to achieve and knows how to handle your hair type.

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