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Here Is How Often You Actually Need To Wash Your Bra

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Here Is How Often You Actually Need To Wash Your Bra

Here Is How Often You Actually Need To Wash Your Bra

Most of us, whether we admit it or not, have wondered if we can wear that bra just one more time before it needs to be washed. Since it’s usually recommended to hand launder bras, washing them can be time consuming. But how many times can you really get away with wearing the same bra before it needs to go in the clothes basket?

Here Is How Often You Actually Need To Wash Your Bra

According to Good Housekeeping, washing rules depend on what you’re doing in the bra. Bras you sweat a lot in, such as sports bras, should be washed after every use. The oil in your skin and bacteria in your sweat rub off on your bra, so if a bra is sweaty or doesn’t smell good, it should be washed. However, every day wear bras can usually be worn three to five times between washings. Not washing bras every time you wear them will extend the life of your bra because the elastic will last longer.

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When it is time to wash your bras, how is the best way to handle it?

Busty Resources includes a great set of guidelines. The best method for washing your bras is hand washing. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and use about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of non-detergent, gentle soap or lingerie wash. Add one or more bras and allow them to soak for several minutes. Gently rub the bra with your hands to work in the soap and loosen any remaining dirt. Lastly, empty the sink and refill it with clean water rinsing each bra until the water runs clear.

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If you need to machine wash, there are ways to protect your bra. First, remember to use non-detergent soap. Also, be sure to clasp your bra so it doesn’t snag other garments. You should also wash your bras in a mesh bag for delicate garments to keep them better protected, and you should use the gentlest cycle your washing machine has.

Whether you are washing bras by hand or in the washing machine, they should never be put in a dryer! Lay a bra flat and straighten the cups for drying. If you’re pinched for space, hang the bra by the middle over a clothes line or indoor drying rack.


It is very important to remember to take good care of your bras as they keep you feeling supported and make daily life more comfortable. Also, routine cleaning of your bras (but not too often!) can make them last longer while still keeping them healthy. Be sure to launder your bras by hand or on a delicate cycle and avoid tumble drying. Following these tips will ensure you get the most out of your bras.

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