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What Does Your Underwear Color Say About You?

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What Does Your Underwear Color Say About You?

What Does Your Underwear Color Say About You?

Underwear can read like a mood ring for any gender. Even if it’s chosen randomly or with great care, its color and type reveals a lot about its bearer.

What Does Your Underwear Color Say About You?

Purple is rare in nature, but not so in underwear drawers! Purple is one of the most common underwear colors out there. And why shouldn’t it be? Purple people are soft and romantic, and purple underwear isn’t just for one-night stands but most likely for long term relationships. Purple people can be vulnerable or delicate and precious. Cherish them.

Blue, light or dark, has no negative interpretations. Blue is the color of honesty, integrity, and honor. Blue is also the color of peace and healing and has positive effects on the human body. Wear blue when you want to put your best foot forward and show off the perfect version of you.

Green is associated with growth, peace, and prosperity. Various shades mean various things, but they all have a common thread of earthiness, emotional healing, protection, and stability. Green is perfect for a first date or when you’re just looking to relax.

Yellow, as long as it’s bright, symbolizes joy, freshness, and intellect. Sunshine, happiness, and enlightenment are also associated with this fun color. In fact, most people when they’re trying to be unique will buy yellow underwear, even though only about 9% of people actually wear them. Dingy or dull yellows represent decay, sickness, caution, and jealousy – so be careful which ones you go with.

Orange signifies wisdom, prestige, and wealth. Orange is the underwear choice for when you’re trying to look your best as it contains creativity and success. Orange contains all of the joy of yellow along with all of the passion of red. Orange can also stimulate one’s appetite.

Red, as I’m sure you’re aware, represents passion, courage, and excitement. It is associated with impulsiveness, and can represent physical energy, lust, passion, and desire. Grab a pair of red undies if you’re going out for a night on the town that ends in someone else’s bed.

Pink panties typify someone who is feminine and sensuous, gentle, and in need of affection. They tend to be the romantic types, so don’t be afraid to take your time with them.

White is associated with innocence, light, purity, virginity, safety and cleanliness. It can also signify a fresh start, such as winter’s fallen snow. Looking to start a new chapter? Slip into some white underwear and make a change. People in white are particularly open to suggestion and are willing learners.

Black is both negative and positive. It’s power and elegance, mystery and aggression. It’s all in how you wear it. Black is particularly seductive and powerful, suggesting deep passions.

The cut can also suggest things about your nature.

Briefs typically signify immaturity
Boxers and boy-briefs mean you’re relaxed, easy-going
Boxer-briefs suggest confidence and maturity
Thongs are for the outgoing type (but can be perceived as creepy on men)
No undies? No problems! You’re a free spirit, baby!

Guys who wear ladies’ underwear or girls who wear gentlemen’s pants? They’re a little kinky, but comfortable both in themselves.

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