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15 Miraculous Things Onions Could Do to Your Health

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15 Miraculous Things Onions Could Do to Your Health

15 Miraculous Things Onions Could Do to Your Health

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Onions contain the powerful antioxidant known as quercetin. In fact, studies at Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands have proven that the absorption of quercetin from onions is more effective than in other foods. Here are some uses for onions:

Miraculous Things Onions Could Do to Your Health

1. Prevent Allergies

The quercetin found in onions actaully stops your body from releasing the histmine responsible for watery eyes. Eating more onions can reduce your allergy symptoms.

2. Protect Your Heart and Lower Cholesterol

Quercetin prevents plaque from building up on the arterial walls of your heart. For this reason, onions prevent heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Onions have also been proven to prevent accumulation of cholesterol.

4. Ease Arthritis Pain

The quercetin in onions reduces swelling and joint stiffness. Including more onions in your diet reduces the inflammation associated with arthritis pain.


5. Lower Your Risk of Cancer

The quercetin in onion lowers the risk of all cancers. Onions can even lower the risk of lung cancer. A French study published in an 1998 issue of the European Journal of Epidemiology found that women who ate onions and garlic on a regular basis were less likely to develop breast cancer. In 2004, The British Journal of Cancer published that men who consume onions, garlic, or leeks reguarly are less apt to develop prostate cancer.

7. Reduce the Severity of Infections

Some people even put small pieces of onion in their ears to relieve ear pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of the onion can reduce swelling. Onions also reduce the symptoms of bladder infections, and eating onions can cure a UTI because of the onion’s ability to fight baterial infections. In 2008, Nigeria’s University of Ibadan found that onions can even reverse some renal damage. An onion skin can also stop bleeding from a small cut and keep the wound from becoming infected.

8. Stop Congestion

A common cure for congestion calls for crushing an onion and mixing it with coconut oil. Then you must coat your chest with this mixture and cover it with a towel. The World Health Organization has recognized that onions can relieve respiratory infections.

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9. Cure Colic

Onions can even reduce the discomfort of babies with colic. A Cherokee Indian recipe calls for boiling diced yellow onion, then letting it cool. If you give the baby a teaspoon of the cooled onion water, he or she should feel some relief.

10. Fight a Fever

Your feet have about 7,000 nerve endings. If you cut an onion into slices and place these slices on your bare feet, the phosphoric acid in the onion may actually enter your bloodstream and kill cold germs.

11. Clear the Air

This same phosphoric acid can cleanse the air in a sickroom. Since the Midievel time period, people have believed that cutting an onion into large pieces and setting them in a bowl would kill the bacteria and/or viruses in a room.

12. Stop Vomiting and Nausea

A well-known team cure for severe vomiting is to drink two teaspoons of the onion juice and then drink two teaspoons of strong peppermint tea. Continue this cycle until the nausea stops. This should only take about 15 minutes to work.

13. Repel Pests

The sulphur compounds in onions can repel bugs. If you spray cooled, boiled onion water on your plants, it will keep pests away. Likewise, if you rub a cut onion on yourself, mosquitos won’t bother you. If you didn’t know about this repellant and got an itchy bug bite, you can rub onion on the bite to relieve the itching.

14. Care for Your Skin and Hair

The quercetin in onion juice can restore your skin’s balance and reduce acne pimples. Many women create masks of onion juice and yogurt or tomato juice to improve skin’s texture. When mixed with a little olive oil, onion juice can also stregthen hair follicles.

15. Clean Household Items

Onion juice prevents irons from rusting, and rubbling an onion slice on a copper pot will polish it. You can also use onion juice to keep your glassware sparkling!


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