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Get Rid of Lower Back Fat In 3 Months! Day-by-Day Complete Workout Guide

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Get Rid of Lower Back Fat In 3 Months! Day-by-Day Complete Workout Guide

Get Rid of Lower Back Fat In 3 Months! Day-by-Day Complete Workout Guide

Lower back fat can be a real challenge to get rid of. In some cases, fat will linger in this problem area even after considerable time at the gym. This exercise series, however, will give you the tools you need to get rid of lower back fat and leave yourself feeling better than ever.

Complete Workout Guide for lower back

This workout series is designed for beginners. That means that you don’t have to be in great shape to get started working off your back fat. You’ll work hard and get great results, but you won’t have to overwork yourself to get the results you want. As you’re beginning your workout series, please remember the importance of rest days. Rest days are crucial to give your body time to rebuild and heal following intense workout sessions.

Also, if you’re really trying to peel off the pounds, increasing your hydration is a great, low-effort way to get fantastic results. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your body can’t process the food you’re eating effectively, so you’ll hold on to weight as a result. Adding plenty of water to your regular routine will make it easier than ever before to peel off the weight and keep it off. Ready to get started? Try this!

Week 1:
This week, you’re going to take two rest days: Day 3 and Day 7. When you first start a new workout routine, it can be tempting to ignore the rest days and push right on through. Don’t! Not only does your body need those days, your mind does, too, to keep your body working.

On the other five days this week, you’ll choose one of the following exercises and perform it for four rounds. Choose from the Reverse Fly, the Standing Twist, the Alternating Superman, Seal Jumping Jacks, and Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows with a Twist. On your rest days, you can perform yoga or go for a walk with family and friends to keep yourself moving, but don’t feel guilty about taking the day off! That time off is just as important as the time spent exercising.


Week 2:
Now it’s really time to kick it into gear! This week, you’re going to be combining the exercises from Week 1 to take your workout to the next level. Perform every exercise for one minute; give yourself a rest period of thirty seconds between rounds. Continue to perform four rounds of each exercise.

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Day 1: Reverse Fly and Standing Twist
Day 2: Standing Twist and Alternating Superman
Day 3: REST DAY! Remember, you can use this day to perform a yoga routine or to take a walk, but don’t stress about your activity level for the day.
Day 4: Alternating Superman and Seal Jumping Jacks
Day 5: Seal Jumping Jacks and Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows with a Twist
Day 6: Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows with a Twist and Reverse Fly
Day 7: REST DAY! If you’re starting your workout week on Monday, that means that this rest day will fall on a Sunday. Take advantage of it!

Week 3:
Kick it up and move a little faster! This week, try to increase your tempo. Repeat the exercises as they’re scheduled for Week 2, but drop to a 15 to 20 second interval between sets. Also, try to move faster through your sets. Are you keeping track of how much stronger you’re getting? Try writing down the number of reps you’re able to do each round in a journal.

Week 4:
Woo hoo! The first month is down. Around this time, you’ll start seeing physical results. Don’t be discouraged if it seems as though no one else is noticing anything yet. It can take friends and family as much as 8 weeks to see a difference in your body when you add in a new diet and exercise routine.

This week, you should add cardio into your routine. Make it something fun! Kickboxing is a great calorie burner. Some people really love running, while others prefer biking or using an elliptical machine. Try adding in a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio once a week.

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Day 1-3: Choose two exercises from Week 1 and perform them. Try to drop down to only fifteen seconds of rest between rounds.
Day 4: Rest!
Day 5: Continue to mix up the exercises from Week 1. Try to make sure that you perform each exercise at least once.
Day 6: Ready for a big finish this week? Perform four rounds of each exercise from Week 1. Finish strong. You can do it!

Week 5:
It’s time to shake things up again! This week, you’re going to get to shake it up a little. Perform three circuits of the listed exercises.

Day 1:
Warm-up: Seal Jumps (20 reps)
Circuit: Bent-Over Row (12 reps), Single Arm Dumbbell Rows (12 reps each arm), and Push-Ups (20 reps)

Day 2: Kick your fat-burning routine up a notch with a Tabata workout. Repeat the entire exercise twice. It will only take you about eight minutes, but it’s an intense eight minutes! Remember, you can do it!

Day 3: Yoga is a great exercise for toning your body. You’ll love the results you get from targeted yoga poses.

Day 4: Rest day! Enjoy! You’ve earned it!

Day 5:
Warm-up: Seal Jumps (20 reps)
Circuit: Front Lateral Raises (15 reps), Bent Over Row (15 reps), Push-ups (25 reps), Upright Row (15 reps), and Single Arm Rows (15 reps each arm)

Day 6: Cardio day! Remember to choose a cardio workout that you’ll enjoy to keep yourself invested in going.

Day 7: Rest Day

Week 6-8:
Repeat the pattern from Week 5. Are you feeling stronger? Do you love the new shape of your body? You’re definitely on the right track!

Week 9-12:
Congratulations! You’ve made it to the third and final month of your back fat burning routine. Ready to dive in and give it your all?

Day 1: Close Grip Chin-Up (10 reps), Dumbbell Renegade Row (10 reps), Dumbbell Shoulder Press (10 reps), Push-Ups (10 reps), Straight Pull-Down (10 reps), Side Plank with Row (10 reps), Face Pull with External Rotation (10 reps), Dumbbell Reverse Raises (10 reps), and Standing Reverse Fly (10 reps). Perform three circuits with 15 to 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.
Day 2: Repeat Day 1.
Day 3: Take this day for a rest day or use it for yoga.
Day 4: Repeat Day 1.
Day 5: Repeat Day 1.
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Rest day.

You’ve done it! You’ve completed the three-month fat burning workout. How did it work for you? Are you loving the way your body looks? Keep eating healthy and exercising regularly to maintain this shape. Don’t forget to reward yourself. You’ve earned it!

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