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Empowering Ways to Approach a Guy

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Empowering Ways to Approach a Guy

Empowering Ways to Approach a Guy

Whether you are new to dating or if you are simply tired of waiting for Mr. Right to arrive on his own, getting to know a few empowering ways to approach a guy can give you the confidence you need to truly take control of your own destiny. Knowing how to approach a guy with a positive attitude and confidence is one of the most empowering feelings that allow you to move forward with your own life.

Empowering Ways to Approach a Guy

Know Your Own Worth

Before approaching anyone to date, knowing your own worth and value is a must. Do you love yourself, your life? Are you happy with your career? Having value and feeling proud of yourself and who you are is a way to quickly boost confidence, becoming more empowering when attempting to approach a new guy you are into.

Dress for Success

Dressing with confidence and with a smile each day is another way to feel more attractive, giving you the boost you need to ask the cute guy down the street out on a date. The more attractive you feel, the easier it is to be yourself and as outgoing as possible whenever you are thinking of dating and are interested in someone new.

Make the Move

Avoid the fear of making the first move and instead, simply do it! Make the move by creating a simple conversation and saying Hello. The more you dread making the first move, the less likely you are to get any feedback or response from a man who may not know you are interested in him. Simply saying hello and asking how someone’s day is can help to build a real foundation for the beginning of a new relationship, regardless of whether or not the guy you are interested in has attempted to talk to you in the past.

Share Kindness and Compliments

Share compliments and kindness when you are making the move by getting to know some common interests you have with one another.

Go On With Your Life While Dating

Showing a guy you are interested in, that you have your own life, career, family and friends is a way to boost confidence while allowing you to feel clear-minded about any dating decisions you make in the future.

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