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This Amazing Plant Can Help you Cure Fibromyalsia, Insomnia and More

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This Amazing Plant Can Help you Cure Fibromyalsia, Insomnia and More

This Amazing Plant Can Help you Cure Fibromyalsia, Insomnia and More

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that impacts the brain and spinal cord. People with fibromyalgia are in pain and feel fatigued throughout the day. It can also have an impact on concentration and sleep too. Sleep disturbances are one of the core problems with fibromyalgia. With more people being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it’s becoming a widespread condition.

This Amazing Plant Can Help you Cure Fibromyalsia Insomnia and More

Most people with fibromyalgia experience an inability to fall asleep, stay asleep or light sleep that will cause them to have more pain and making it harder to concentrate during the day. It’s widely believed that treating the sleep disturbances will help with the overall treatment of fibromyalgia, since it will reduce fatigue and the associated pain that goes with it.

It can be difficult to find a treatment for sleep disturbances that will not leave her person feeling tired, groggy and clouded the next day. The effects of the treatment, normally sedation, are harder to shake off the following day, so the helpful restorative impact is less helpful than leaving the person to suffer disturbed sleep. A long-term treatment that improves the sleep quality is a better solution than sedating the person for sleep.

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A natural herb like American, Siberian or Asian Ginseng is believed to restore well-being, provide a boost to energy levels, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, reduce stress and promote relaxation. It’s long been used for its restorative properties in areas like China.

In a study done by the Mayo clinic for its cancer patients, ginseng was found to have an impact on the fatigue accompanying the disease. While half of the group received a placebo, the other half received 2,000 milligrams of pure, ground ginseng. After four weeks, there wasn’t a marked difference in the levels of fatigue for the patients, but after two months, the group taking the ginseng reported a lessening of their fatigue.

Although ginseng has real benefits to patients with a variety of diseases and conditions, it does have side effects. Before taking ginseng, patients should talk to their doctor. It can cause nausea, elevated heart rate and headaches. Many doctors do not recommend that patients take ginseng with antidepressants or MAOIs. Patients that have any adverse symptoms should stop taking ginseng and see their doctor immediately.

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