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How Do You Sleep? What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

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How Do You Sleep? What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

How Do You Sleep? What Your Sleeping Position Says About You:

The hotel chain Premier Inn did a sleep study with Robert Phipps, a leading British body language expert. According to Phipps the way you sleep can reveal your mood, stress level, and even personality.

sleeping position says about you

The most common position by 58% of sleepers is the Foetal Position, which reflects trying to destress in your sleep. The Log is the second most common, with arms and legs at sides, the report states these people can be very stubborn and set in their ways.

what your sleeping position says about you

About 25% of people sleep on their sides with arms outstretched in a position called The Yearner, which shows people searching for new challenges to achieve their dreams. The position of Freefall, which is 17% of people, indicates feeling anxious and out of control.

The Foetal sleepers are returning to their comfort zone after a stressful day, people who sleep like this are usually very conscientious and may have a tendency to worry too much. They should awaken feeling energized and rested having dealt with stress during the sleep cycle, organizing problems into solvable units, be careful to not get too comfortable and make sure you seek new challenges warns Phipps.

The Yearner may mean that you are chasing your dreams, or that you are being chased. You feel that you want more from life and are willing to run grab it with both hands. Yearners are their own worst critics, which can also mean they quit easily. Yearners  should see every day as a fresh start and look forward to new challenges in each day and commit to seeing things through.

People who sleep in the Log position are likely to be set in their ways and bossy, they often wake up more stiff than when they went to bed from a rigid sleep pattern, loggers should try to relax more and stretch themselves to achieve new goals.

Freefallers sleep in what is physically the least comfortable position, they tend to feel that life happens around them and they are not in control. They need to take on small challenges one at a time and grab that control they feel is lacking.

Mr. Phipps states that most people know a good night’s sleep is important, but fail to realize that how you sleep can set the tone for the whole day.

To learn more about what your sleeping position says about you and your relationship, make sure to read this article.

How Do You Sleep? What Your Sleeping Position Says About You
By Stephanie Dawson
[Last Updated on May 25th 2014]


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