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4 Flat Tummy Supplements You Are Not Taking

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4 Flat Tummy Supplements You Are Not Taking

4 Flat Tummy Supplements You Are Not Taking

Supplements refer to the specific food components that are extracted and administered to aid in specific body functions. The industry has seen enormous development in the revelation that supplements are doing wonders in curbing various illnesses. Several supplements have been found helpful in helping to reduce belly fat.

4 Flat Tummy Supplements You Are Not Taking

1. Magnesium
Magnesium is referred to as the energy nutrient since it acts as a precursor to various metabolic process in the body. It plays a crucial part in the regulation of food digestion, food utilization and also storage of various food products in the body.
Magnesium regulates insulin that is a hormone responsible for the control of blood sugars. Where magnesium is lacking, insulin levels surge upwards and, therefore, more of the glucose is stored as fat in the adipose tissue.
Lack of magnesium can also contribute to obesity if it fails to control leptin hormone. This is the hormone that signals the brain that the stomach is full, and hence you should stop feeding. Taking enough magnesium will keep your insulin and leptin in check therefore providing for a healthy fat burn.

2. Probiotics
Probiotics refer to a list of live microorganisms which when taken, have a positive impact on the body of the victim. Amongst other health benefits, these functional foods are known to reduce body weight mainly through fat metabolism. The live bacteria can interact with the human gut thereby preventing the intestines from absorbing the fat molecules. This can lead to a substantial loss of belly fat if the supplements are taken consistently over time.

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3. Calcium and vitamin D
Most of us know calcium and vitamin D in their role in the development of healthy bones. A study by Michael Zemel, a Ph.D. holder from the University of Tennessee, shows that both calcium and Vitamin D have a role in reducing belly fat. Calcium has been found to have a role in fat oxidation, lipolysis, increased energy expenditure and reducing appetite that contribute to reduced belly fat.

4. B-complex vitamins
Together with magnesium, vitamin B complexes are also known as energy nutrients due to their role in controlling various metabolic activities. It refers to a group of vitamins responsible for the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Belly fat is considered to be the nearest source of energy used for daily activities. Availability of vitamin B complex helps to break preferentially belly fat compared to fat stored in other parts of the body.

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