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Dizziness: Symptoms and Treatment

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Dizziness: Symptoms and Treatment

Dizziness, or vertigo, the sensation that the brain is moving within the skull, is a common complaint, most often it is a symptom itself. Quite often the problem is in the inner ear, the organ that tells you which end is up. Many other factors can also throw you off balance, such as circulation problems, a head injury, a cold or the flu, allergies, or problems with your nervous system. It can also be brought on by travel sickness, hyperventilation, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, and standing up suddenly from a sitting or lying position.

Dizziness Symptoms and Treatment

There are different ways you can determine what you mean by dizziness. For example, when everything seems to be spinning around, you have vertigo, which is related to your inner ear balance system. If you feel light-headed (as if you are going to pass out), you may have a low blood pressure problem, anemia, low blood sugar, internal bleeding or an emotional response to trauma, and if it comes suddenly, a virus is the likely cause. If your balance problems come on gradually and continue to get worse, you should see your doctor.

There are many natural remedies and suggestions you can try such as:

– Avoid alcohol and stimulants such as diet pills and coffee
– Avoid sudden moves
– Take vitamin B2 and B3, and extra salt if you are sweating a great deal
– Add the juice of a lime or lemon to half a glass of soda water and sip in small doses
– Fresh ginger, cinnamon and peppermint may help to ease the symptoms
– Mulberry may be used to nourish the blood
– Try homeopathy such as Gelsemium, Nux vom; when the symptoms are worse by flickering lights, and Coniu; when you feel worse lying down.

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