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7 Changes that Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Doing Planks Today!

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7 Changes that Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Doing Planks Today!

7 Changes that Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Doing Planks Today!

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When you perform the plank every day, you’ll be guaranteed to see incredible benefits to your body as well as your mind. These eight things will happen as you start to do planks every day.


Define Your Core

When you start doing the plank every single day, you’ll find that your core starts to get stronger. The exercise will strengthen all the muscles that define the core. It goes way beyond the stomach muscles. It includes muscles in the sides, back and buttocks as well as the shoulders and arms.

Improves Posture

Strengthening your core will improve your posture. The muscles that define the core can become weak from sitting at an office job all day. If you find yourself slouching at the end of the day, your core isn’t keeping you upright.

Improve Balance

Your core is the reason that you can stand on one leg without swaying and falling over to the ground. The abdominal muscles play a large part in your balance. The core muscles increase your stability.

Boosts Metabolism

The secret to a higher metabolism is building muscles that will burn calories even while you’re at rest. Your resting metabolism will increase when you increase your muscles. Planks will strengthen and increase your muscles to help increase metabolism.

Improve Your Flexibility

You’ll build the muscles in your core when you do the plank every day, but you’re also working on the muscles around your shoulder blades as well as your hamstrings and calves. You’ll get incredible stretching benefits to the plank.

Prevent Back Aches

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A person’s back pain can come from having a weak core. When you perform sit-ups, crunches and contractions in the abs, you’re putting stress on the back muscles. When your core is stronger, your back will hurt less.

Tone Arms, and Develop a 6-Pack

While the plank will have mental and physical benefits that will help relieve stress and pain, it will have an amazing effect on your physique. Your arms will become toned. The backs of the thighs, the buttocks and the abs will see immense changes. You’ll start to see a tight, muscular body.

Relieves Stress

When you do the plank every day, you’re developing and stretching the muscles that contribute to the muscle cramps and pain that comes with stress. When you’re relaxed, your muscles are loose and less tense. You’ll feel less anxious and stressed since you’ll have to concentrate and calm your mind while doing the plank too.

Performing the plank every single day will provide incredible benefits to the entire body as well as provide a stress-relieving activity. While you may not be able to hold the position for long when you start, increase the length and repetitions each day to increase endurance.


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