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This Woman Lost 280 Pounds Without Any Surgery. You Can’t Believe How She Did This!

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This Woman Lost 280 Pounds Without Any Surgery. You Can’t Believe How She Did This!

This Woman Lost 280 Pounds Without Any Surgery. You Can’t Believe How She Did This!

Dee Chan tried everything to lose weight. At 55 years old, she weighed around 518 pounds. She joined support groups, tried every fad diet, and even had a gastric sleeve operation. Still, nothing worked for her. She continued her binging and unhealthy food habits, caving into her cravings ice cream and salty foods. Dee She struggled for a long time with her weight. She was too large for most restaurant chairs and had to use seat belt extenders whenever she was on an airplane. Finding clothes that fit her was impossible, even in the plus size sections, she would find nothing. So she would make her own clothing from fabric curtain. She even wore men’s shoes because her feet and ankles were just too large. Her breaking point came when her weight began to cause a serious problem. She got a scratch on her leg, which became a serious infection that went to her bone.

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At this time, Dee discovered Steve Miller, a clinical hypnotherapist, and motivational trainer. He helps his clients by focusing on mindset and helping them to reach a state of calm and focused concentration so that they can reach their goals, as he describes on his website. His weight loss programs combine hypnosis with motivational support, self-esteem building, and learning portion control.

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Hypnosis is nothing new. The focusing technique has been used for a few hundred years. However, it recently has begun to move from being used as a stage trick to hypnotherapy. It is showing much promise in helping people overcome difficult habits, such as smoking or in this case, cravings for junk food.

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Hypnosis seems to work because it essentially reprograms the mind. Don’t worry, it’s nothing sinister! It’s simply raising an awareness of current thinking patterns and connections to external things, recognizing triggers, and then learning how to separate the emotions from the impulses and take control of them. It is teaching the brain new thinking patterns to lead to new behaviors.

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It worked for Dee. With Steve Miller’s help, she has lost nearly 280 pounds and is focused on the last 70 pounds that she wants to lose to reach her goal weight of 168 pounds. She has a new-found confidence and a love for shopping, especially for new bras, which make her feel feminine and beautiful. She is also training to become a hypnotherapist herself so that she can help other people overcome their own mental blocks and feel good about themselves as well.

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Weight loss hypnosis seems to be gaining popularity, with success stories like this to back it up. Since there are no potential negative side effects or dangers, would you ever consider using hypnosis as a tool for overcoming bad habits?

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