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12 Signs You Have Been Single for Too Long, Now It’s Time to Find A Partner!

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12 Signs You Have Been Single for Too Long, Now It's Time to Find A Partner!

12 Signs You Have Been Single for Too Long, Now It’s Time to Find A Partner!

Many of us have been there, myself included. In and out of relationships, wondering what we did wrong. Maybe coming to the conclusion that it’s just not worth the effort, or simply stuck on enjoying the single lfe. Does any of this sound familiar?

single final

1. Your catchphrase has become “I don’t care anymore.”

2. You feel empowered by the little things. You finally have the T.V. remote control all to yourself.

3. You pretend you never received that wedding invitation because you can’t face the ugly “One will be attending” on the R.S.V.P.

4. You give vague responses to relationship questions from your well-meaning friends and family, and have a mental list of ten other topics you can use to quickly change the subject.

5. Looking up that old flame seems perfectly reasonable, never considering there was a reason that flame burned out.

6. You look at online dating as entertainment, not as a viable resource for a relationship. Seriously, walks on the beach and romantic, candlelit dinners sound wonderful, but in reality, dating usually involves picking up some fast food and watching Netflix.

7. You secretly despise Valentine’s Day.

8. Cooking for one is over-rated. All those ingredients! Having the local pizza parlor or Chinese food restaurant on speed dial. That’s the ticket.

9. Your dating standards plummet. “Oh hey…you just have the three felonies?”

10. You snuggle up to your cat, whispering endearments into their fuzzy little ears, while their only concern is how long they must endure this to earn a treat.

11. Speed Dating begins to sound like fun (it’s not!).

12. Mother knows best. While her intentions are honorable, she wants to see a boat-load of grandchild pictures in her wallet. And she is not shy about making that clear.

The good news is there are plenty of agencies out there that offer relationship advice,
relationship counseling, and relationship therapy. Finally, relationship therapy is a very important tool used to combat a lifetime of what ifs.

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