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7 Things Mentally Strong People Do Differently in Relationships

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7 Things Mentally Strong People Do Differently in Relationships

7 Things Mentally Strong People Do Differently in Relationships

Relationships, whether they are familial, intimate, or platonic, most always come with some complications and hardships. You have to work at them, be dedicated to their success, and be ready for the ups and down that may come with them. They can certainly take a mental toll, and it is important to be able to recognize various strategies and be able to accept relationship advice when necessary. Below are 7 things that mentally strong people don’t do in relationships.

7 Things Mentally Strong People Do Differently in Relationships 1

1. Take it for granted – this may be one of the most important things to remember when working on being mentally strong in your relationship and is a great piece of relationship advice. If you take the relationship or the other person for granted, you’ll stop seeing the value that they bring to your life and will stop putting in the necessary effort that the relationship needs and deserves. The other people in your relationships deserve your respect and you should never simply assume that they will be there.

2. Feel entitled – no relationship is guaranteed to be easier and they certainly aren’t guaranteed to work. No matter how comfortable you may feel with that other person, there will always be ways that you can work on bettering yourself and bettering the relationship. Nothing will be handed to you, and knowing that up front will help make sure you don’t feel overly hardened when facing tough times. Psychology Today lists a number of different phrases and mindsets to avoid, including “I deserve to be happy.”

3. Compare relationships – your relationship is YOUR relationship. It’s not the relationship your best friend has with her boyfriend, or that your parents have, and it certainly isn’t the relationship in the new romantic comedy movie. There will always be something about another relationship that you may deem “better”, but if you are constantly comparing your relationship to someone else’s, it will be impossible for you to truly enjoy what you have.

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4. Refuse to learn from mistakes – just as no relationship is going to be easy, no relationship is going to be perfect, either. I find myself making mistakes in my relationship every single day, but instead of ignoring them or pushing them under the carpet, I meet them head on, figure out why I made the mistake, and make a point to be cognizant to avoid that same mistake in the future. The mistakes aren’t usually what will damage the relationship – it is refusing to make any positive improvements when they come up.

5. Put their energy in the wrong places – The Huffington Post recently wrote a piece about this topic and one point they made was about how it’s important not to waste energy in ways that can’t lead to anything productive. There are always going to be things to waste your energy on – the wrong relationships, petty drama, factors that are completely out of our control. Instead, try making a concerted effort to only focus on things you CAN control, and focus on improving upon those areas in your life.

6. Refuse accountability – if you make a mistake in your relationship, one of the easiest and most common defense mechanisms is to point blame elsewhere, be it the other people in the relationship, the situation, or any other outside factors. But by holding yourself accountable, owning up to your mistakes, and working to rectify the situation, you will be showing that you have true respect for not only the people involved but for the relationship itself.

7. Give up – no matter how hard a situation might be, if your relationship is truly worth it, you should never give up on trying to make it work. There are days that it may seem impossible to get back on the right track, but by remaining optimistic and working on making continuous improvements, you will soon start to see the benefits.

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