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10 Serious Relationship Mistakes Men Better Stop Making (Women’s Opinion)

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10 Serious Relationship Mistakes Men Better Stop Making (Women's Opinion)

10 Serious Relationship Mistakes Men Better Stop Making (Women’s Opinion)

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The old adage that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” holds truth to it in the sense that men and women think very differently. This can oftentimes lead to tension and conflict in a relationship. If men and women could work to understand each other better, relationships could go more smoothly. Here are ten serious relationship mistakes that men should stop making.


1. You lied to her.

Breaking trust with a woman will rock the foundation of your relationship.

2. You are too mushy.

It is great to act as a support system in a relationship, but women do not want to be the rock and constantly need to provide guidance and comfort. Women want a man who has courage and solid ground, not one who is unstable and emotional. Bravery and practicality are great for relationships.

3. Not listening.

Failing to be attentive will not help strengthen a relationship. Nodding and smiling to everything she says will not make her feel like she is empowered, it will likely make her feel like you do not care.

4. Being a pushover.

When one partner takes complete control of a relationship, it is no longer a partnership. Women dislike men who fail to take initiative and turn to others to make their decisions. Women do not want to have to lead their partner through life. The power in any relationship should be equal.

5. You’re jealous and handle it incorrectly.

If you are jealous of something in or outside of the relationship, talk about it and be open about your feelings. It is not right to search through women’s phone history or make a big deal out of something that is nothing. Do not snoop through personal items just to assume the worst. Jealousy comes from insecurity, which is never good for a relationship.

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6. You speak negatively about her friends.

Speaking negatively about the people a woman loves is not a great ticket to her heart. She has chosen these people to be in her life, and in order for you to be in her life as well, you need to mix with them. If you present her with a choice between you or her friends, she will likely choose her life-long friends.

7. You are smothering her.

Women love spending time with their significant other, but it is important to also nourish satellite relationships. Leave a woman to have individual time with other people she loves without having to always be there. Let her be an individual without always contacting her or having to be right next to her.

8. Not appreciating her.

This is a huge mistake that is commonly made by men. When a woman spends her life taking care of things at a full time job, and then comes home to a full time job as well, it is important to appreciate that hard work. Taking care of a household is a lot of work and should not be taken for granted.

9. Being self-absorbed.

Men can be self-absorbed without even realizing it is happening. They are the center of their own worlds and expect their partners to be as well. They may expect their wives or girlfriends to treat them as their mother did and take care of their needs. It is important to remember that an adult relationship should be equal and it is very different from a child/parent relationship. Self absorbed men tend to consider their partner’s feelings to be trivial, and their problems to be small, no matter how big they actually are.

10. Being complacent.

Having strong ambitions is a very attractive quality in a man. Women look towards the future, and like to see growth and success rather than a stagnant road. Women want their partners to be motivated and goal-oriented, leading to a pleasant future.


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