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Avoid the Following Foods

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Avoid the Following Foods

In order to stay as youthful and as fit as possible, there are certain foods that should be largely avoided. Not only will the avoidance of these foods improve your health, it will also mean that you detoxify your entire system in the process, which is always beneficial.
The foods to avoid when detoxing are also those that are widely recognized as best limited or avoided in your diet in order to maintain good health.

Caffeinated drinks

Caffeine is a diuretic and leads to dehydration. As a stimulant, it puts your body under stress and deprives it of essential nutrients. It also prevents your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals.


You should definitely give up alcohol while detoxifying. As well as containing sugar, alcohol is broken into a toxin in your body, and the production of harmful free radicals is increased when it is being metabolized. Alcohol damages the liver, muscles and brain, and depletes your body of essential vitamins and minerals.

Avoid the Following Foods


Wheat bran can irritate the colon. Wheat protein, also known as gluten, is difficult to digest, and may cause bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Many people are intolerant of wheat but find they can consume other grains without problems. However, if you have celiac disease, you will need to avoid all sources of gluten permanently

Convenience foods, fatty –fried foods and sugary foods

These include store-bought meals, cookies, cakes and spreads. Soft drinks also contain a high amount of sugar. Diet versions are not suitable alternatives because of the amount of additives they contain.
Choose fresh or dried fruits and whole-food products instead, also drink water or natural fruit juices.


Meat creates extra work for your digestive system and in the case of red meat contains a lot of harmful saturated fat. Eat small quantities of good-quality, organic protein instead to give your body the amino acids it needs. Eggs, nuts, oily fish, and whole soy products are good choices.

Salt and sugar

Your body needs a great deal of fluid to metabolize foods that are high in refined sugar, so if you eat a lot of these foods, your body will retain a lot of water as well. Sugar disrupts blood glucose levels. Salt prevents fluids from being removed from the body.

Cow’s milk products

Milk increases the production of mucus in the body, so it is not beneficial when detoxing. In addition, many people lack sufficient quantities of the enzyme lactose, which is needed to digest lactose and, therefore, cannot properly digest dairy products.

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