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6 Things Men Do That Make Them Less Attractive

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6 Things Men Do That Make Them Less Attractive

6 Things Men Do That Make Them Less Attractive

Being attractive is so much more than a filtered selfie taken with your new selfie stick. We all want to be as potentially attractive as we possibly can. So many of us become fixated on physical appearance that we forget that what meets the eye is only a part of being attractive. Beneath the physical presence, there are quite a few factors that contribute to one’s attractiveness. For men, there are some very easy fixes to becoming more attractive. There are many subtle things you can do to improve your look.

6 Things Men Do That Make Them Less Attractive

Displaying Self Confidence

For men, taking up space actually displays confidence and assertiveness. Of course, you should not confuse “taking up space” with “getting in the way.” There is nothing less attractive than someone awkwardly in the way. By taking up space, it is suggested that a strong stature can be recognized by opening up your body. For example, when sitting, open your legs slightly and drape your arm along the length of the back of the couch. Claim your territory. This is a subtle way of displaying your self-confidence with your body language. Be careful not to “sprawl” as this can be viewed as unattractive. Remember, everything in moderation. Just make more of a presence rather than arm crossing or curling inward. Leave your torso open and legs uncrossed and you will appear attractively approachable.

Stop Fidgeting

If you are a “fidgeter”, learn to stop immediately. Not only is fidgeting annoying and disruptive, it also displays lack of self-control. Being able to appear composed will certainly add a bit of “cool” to your look. It is easier for people to talk to you if you look more collected. If you are a shifter, lean on something. When you speak, speak more deliberately and tuck your hands in your pockets if need be. Too much movement not only makes you look nervous but also can make the listener feel uncomfortable.

Connect With Your Eyes

Connecting with your eyes builds trust and exhilarates confidence. Meeting eye contact with someone often is a fool proof way to build attraction. However, you must be careful with this technique. If you catch eyes with the one in which you are trying to gain he attraction from, allow them to notice that you are looking at them. Then, look away moving your eyes to either side. If you look away by looking down, you can look submissive and unconfident. In addition to the brief eye contact, a quick smile will definitely ensure a positive reaction.

Look Like You

Being confident with your own look opposed to down playing your “not so favorable” features can actually be more attractive than trying to conceal them. Wearing your look with confidence, accompanied by a great attitude can carry you much further than filtering your selfies. When it comes to your physical attributes, keep in mind that what is attractive to one may differ from what is attractive to another. Therefore, wearing your true colors and a smile may be the most appealing thing about you to the right person.


Make hygiene your favorite jeans to wear. No one really likes the feel of a sand shark rubbing against their face. No one would lay in bed with a cactus. With this being said, gents, get yourself a reliable pair of clippers and a good shaver for your face. Not to say that facial hair is not attractive, but man-scaping is a must. Keeping yourself tidy supports the idea that you have organizational and stability qualities within. Your breath and body odor matter too! Just because you cannot smell it yourself does not mean your breath is odorless. There is no harm in keeping a travel bottle of mouth wash and a pack of gum on hand for security. If your breath has a foul odor, one may assume the rest of your body may follow suit. This is never a good look. So keep yourself fresh. There is not greater smell than a freshly showered man lying next to you in the bed. If you are not getting the cuddle time you were looking for, consider a quick rinse.

Bodily Noises

Guys, it is not cool anymore if you can belch the loudest. It isn’t funny to release SBDs (silent but deadlies) with the windows up. These things are huge turn offs actually. It is gross and honestly over a course of time, can really run a toll on your attractive factor scale. Making obnoxious bodily noises is viewed as rude and inappropriate. Women do not like this type of thing at all. She could be lusting after her every thought of you all day long but if you belch like a beast when you walk in from work, your chances of bedroom chemistry just dropped to zero. You most definitely should consider some sort of recourse.

No matter if you are married for twenty years or single and ready to mingle, all of these factors should be considered. Clearly if you are single, you are trying to ensure your appeal to rest of the single world. Taking this advice into consideration will help your along your dating path. If you are married, do not let it all go to the wayside. If you consistently make unattractive gestures, you may soon find your sex life in the dumpster. So keep up with your man-scaping, keep your bodily functions and noises private and put your most confident foot forward. Take up a little space without the mistake of sprawling to ensure your presence is recognized and limit your movements and fidgeting. Appearing to be cool is a very good look for anyone.


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