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16 Simple Tweaks To Help You Lose Weight

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16 Simple Tweaks To Help You Lose Weight

16 Simple Tweaks To Help You Lose Weight

Have you ever thought that little adjustments can make your life healthier and happier? By following some easy tweaks you can lose excess weight and feel better.

Here are some simple tweaks to help you lose you extra pounds:

Start with protein
Starting your day with protein will help you feel full and alert longer and have more energy. You can eat eggs, peanut butter, or tofu.

Green tea before exercise
Green tea has antioxidants and caffeine that help increase your metabolic generation of heat. Drink one cup of green tea at least 10 minutes before you start your workout.

Avoid white bread
One slice of white bread contains about 80-110 calories. Whole grain breads are better as they contain fiber, vitamins, and nutrients, they satisfy better and keep you full longer.

Swap processed foods
Replace processed foods with fresh alternatives that will help curb cravings and hunger. Processed foods are low in nutrients which make your body crave more food to get required nutrients.

16 Simple Tweaks To Help You Lose Weight

Get rid of sugar
By eliminating white sugar you can ditch unwanted calories. Try natural sweeteners like Truvia or Stevia, with zero calories, honey, or coconut sugar. Avoid chemical sweeteners that are full of carcinogens.

Move at work
You should get up and move every hour at the office. Do some jumping jacks, squats, or stretch. After lunch go for a brisk 10 minute walk to improve your mental and physical health.

Take deep breaths
Whenever you find yourself stressed, mindfully take a few slow deep breaths. Inhale for the count of 6 and exhale the same. This will calm you and help you feel relaxed to avoid unwanted reactions.

Add raw nuts and seeds to your diet
Nuts and seeds boost immunity and production of energy, they contain healthy fat, protein, fiber, and minerals. Mix them up and take a small handful of them when you go out or before a meal.

Make someone happy every day
Try to make one person happy every day, this will give you a feeling of satisfaction and joy and help you feel good about yourself. Jot down the good things that happen each day before you go to bed. Mere remembering good events can release endorphins.

Eat at the table
Make it a habit to eat at the table. Avoid eating on the sofa, in bed, or on the run. Posture matters and at the table your posture is exactly the way it should be.

Eat slowly
Use portion control and eat slowly. Pay attention to when your body feels full and have small bites of your favorite meals. When you feel you are full immediately pack away anything left and freeze it for another meal.

Swap ice cream for yogurt
Switching to yogurt from ice cream can save you about 100 calories. If you love chocolate ice cream for a treat swap for a chocolate frozen yogurt bar. They are delicious and healthier.

Pay attention to when you eat
If you’re in the habit of eating snacks when reading or watching TV, choose healthy snacks like munching on fruit or raw vegetables. Learn to share your food and pack lunches for work, you can use your frozen leftovers. Pay attention to what your body is saying.

Play a brain game
Solving puzzles, reading books, and playing games that involve mind application stimulate the brain. It helps sharpen your brain and slow the memory aging process.

Avoid going out when you’re hungry
This tweak is good for your wallet and your waist. Eat a healthy meal 30 minutes before you plan to go out or take a healthy snack along with you. If you have to eat out, avoid ordering too much at once. You can always order more if you still feel hungry. One great trick for eating out, when eating out portions are often oversized, ask for a to-go box right away and put half your entrée away for another meal.

Drink water before meals
Drinking two glasses of water before meals will help you feel full sooner. Water has no calories and is great for every part of your body. This will help you slow down while eating and to eat small portions.

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