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Why His Sincere Behavior Can Damage Your Union

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Why His Sincere Behavior Can Damage Your Union

Why His Sincere Behavior Can Damage Your Union

While you always want to see your significant other in a positive light, and focus on the things you love about that person, sometimes the positive attributes and sincere behavior you see can be damaging to a relationship. It is important to become aware of any negative effects that your partner’s sincere behavior may have on your relationship. In turn, you may be the one who holds these attributes that may turn out to be harmful.


Low Maintenance May Equal Poor Communication

While it is common to enjoy a partner who does not cling to your every move, and be with someone who is independent, this may lead to a lack of communication. If someone is very comfortable being by themselves, they may not be motivated to constantly keep in touch or check in with another person.

Divorce is often preceded with communication issues, so it is important to make sure your significant other communicates with you. Thoughts and feelings should be shared freely between the couple.

While it is possible to have a low maintenance partner with excellent communication, it is important to not assume that all people who are low maintenance lack communication skills. It is not difficult to know when you are having a disrupt of communication in your relationship.

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However, High Maintenance May Equate to Self-Esteem Problems

Some couples rely heavily on each other for constant companionship. If this is you or your partner, there may be an underlying issue with self-esteem. Seeking attention is often a cry for help, and one partner may become so dependent on the other to get that attention that it becomes an unhealthy and toxic relationship. People with low self-esteem are often looking for constant affirmation of their self-worth.

These relationships often end painfully. This is why it is important to be comfortable with yourself before giving yourself to another person and investing in a relationship.

Peace-Makers May Bottle Up Emotions

People either choose to be passive or show authority with some aggression, whether it is just assertion or demand. It is noteworthy if your partner chooses to never engage in an argument. This may mean that they are keeping their feelings for you or for others deep inside. Bottling up emotions is destructive to the person who is housing the emotions and to the partner who will eventually experience the outburst.

Not arguing or discussing disagreements can lead to grudges, suffering, and distrust. Pick your battles when you are in a relationship and choose when it is important to you to argue and when you feel as if you can keep the peace. Share opinions with each other but make sure each person is voicing their own thoughts.

Humor May Equate to Jokes

While everyone loves being around someone who is funny, it may end up being difficult to take habitually funny people seriously. Once you are tagged as being a goofball, people may see serious conversations with you as being a joke. It is great to find someone who is well-rounded and knows when is it and is not appropriate to joke.

Working Hard May Lead to Over-Working

It required talent to work hard. Ambitious people who are striving for success have great attributes, but it may come at a price.

Be cautious of someone who is always busy. Do they constantly have something that they need to do? Are they able to even manage their time effectively? It is important to recognize the benefits of breaks and rest.

At the end of the day, priorities are most important. Does your partner choose the cell phone or laptop over spending time with you?

Finding a balance is key with everything, and especially in relationships. While these attributes may seem appealing at first, they may end up being detrimental in the long run.

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