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8 Ways to Treat Everyday Aches and Pains with Aluminum Foil

8 Ways to Treat Everyday Aches and Pains with Aluminum Foil

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As much as it might be hard to believe, aluminum foil has been a solution to common health issues throughout history. This particularly applies to several Chinese and Russian societies. Aluminum foil is known to regulate meridians, the body’s biological pathways, through which energy flows. Its unique chemical composition, therefore, contributes to the tinfoil’s incredible healing capability. Instead of using aluminum foil for just cooking, try to use it for any of the following health benefits.

8 Ways to Treat Everyday Aches and Pains with Aluminum Foil

1. Soothe painful joints

Aluminum foil is great for soothing the painful joints that usually accompany conditions such as arthritis. Wrap the aluminum foil around the affected joints, using a medical bandage to ensure a nicely secure wrapping. If possible, allow the covering to stay in place overnight even though you can have it on while relaxing during the day. Repeat the process for at least ten days and then allow yourself a two-week break. Keep repeating the treatment while breaking routine if the pain persists until it disappears.

2. Alleviate fresh burns

Aluminum foil contains elements that help when it comes to soothing new burn wounds. It is believed that using aluminum foil for burns provides considerably better results when compared to other methods. For an effective healing, use cold water to wash your burn wound and then dry it out using a clean, soft cloth. Once relatively dry, apply a layer of burn ointment onto the affected area followed by sterile gauze. Use aluminum foil to wrap up the gauze and then secure it with a medical bandage. Do not remove the covering until the pain subsides completely.

3. Eliminate a pesky cold

Knowing how to treat the symptoms of the cold without necessarily turning to antibiotics is of uttermost importance. It is even more important if you take the potentially adverse effects of taking antibiotics on a regular basis into consideration. Using aluminum foil is one of the most viable solutions to a pesky cold. Wrap your feet in five layers of aluminum foil and leave it on for about an hour. Allow your feet at least two hours breathing time before you repeat the process. Repeat the procedure at least three times daily for a total of seven days or until you regain optimal health.

4. Combat fatigue

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As an age-old tradition, the use of aluminum foil to eliminate fatigue is recognized by experts the world over. Put some aluminum foil strips in your freezer for 2-4 hours and then place the cold pieces on your face. Placing these cold aluminum foil strips on your cheeks and eyelids offers the best results. Leave the foil in place until you feel your muscles relaxing. You are bound to notice that you no longer have any symptom of fatigue or insomnia once you take off the foil.

5. Ease sciatic pain

Pains associated with sciatica are usually described as burning or searing, often feeling worse when the patient is seated. Seeking medical attention is probably the most widely used option for treating such pains. However, wrapping your legs in aluminum foil helps to alleviate sciatic pains. Keep the foil around your legs for 12 hours, repeating the process for 12 days before taking a week’s break.

6. Heal post-surgical scars

The use of aluminum foil also helps to soften the scarring that usually occurs after an injury or surgery. In the same manner as healing burn wounds, aluminum also helps to speed up the shrinkage of scars. Wrapping up and securely bandaging the affected parts of your body in aluminum foil enhances skin cell regeneration. As such, your surgical wounds will most likely heal without leaving undesirable scars.

7. Soothe inflammation

The use of aluminum eases inflammation, which is also one of the reasons it helps in the elimination of colds. Wrap at least five layers of aluminum foil around the inflamed area of your body for about two hours. Allow some breathing time before you repeat the procedure about twice daily. Keep repeating until the inflammation subsides.

8. Treat phantom pains

If you are experiencing phantom pains, which are basically the pains you cannot explain, aluminum foil might be the solution. Wrap some aluminum foil around the affected area to banish these painful bouts. Use a medical bandage to keep the wrapping in place. Remove the tinfoil as soon as the pain eases.

Using aluminum foil as a remedy for some common conditions and ailments comes without adverse effects. Additionally, aluminum foil is easy to find in nearly every single home in the United States today. Considering its availability, accessibility, and general lack of side effects, using it as a remedy is worth trying.

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