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8 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate In Your Life

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8 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate In Your Life

8 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate In Your Life

There are always transfers of energy that are going on in every interaction. Whether you know it or not, certain behaviors are sapping your energy from you. Here are 8 behaviors that you should never tolerate from anyone that is in your life.

8 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate In Your Life

1 – Gossip

Gossip serves no other purpose than to weaken relationships between other people. In most cases, the gossip is exaggerated and may even be completely untrue. Gossip occurs when a relationship was not that strong in the first place.

2 – Others Being Selfish

If others are being selfish, it creates a need for you to be selfish. After all, if resources are being kept from you for no reason, then you have to keep resources in order to stay alive! Be around people who share so that you can share as well – everyone comes out ahead.

3 – Having No Compassion

If you are around people with no compassion, then you will eventually begin to behave in a more judgmental manner. Your mistakes will not be forgiven, and you will create more stress in your life from having to be perfect to avoid judgment!

4 – Being Stubborn

Groups of people work together most efficiently when people listen to each other. If one person that is in a relationship is never willing to compromise, then the other person in that relationship will always feel subservient. Everyone has something to add to the pot.

5 – Judging Others Superficially

Judging others without any context only serves to create room for gossip and misinterpretation. It stops any forward momentum that would otherwise occur in relationship building, severing bonds that might have become strong.

6 – Manipulative Actions

If others feel as though they must manipulate you in order to get what they want, then they will not be honest. You will always have to expend energy wondering what the other person is thinking, and this is not a good use of anyone’s time.

7 – Playing the Victim

People who are always looking for pity will wear you out quickly. These are usually people who do not want to hold their weight in a relationship. They will guilt you into doing everything.

8 – Negativity

Negativity is the number one attribute to avoid! Some people thrive off of this, and there is no helping them. Get away from them immediately until they decide that they want to change from the inside out!

All of the elements above contain at least a little bit of the other. You may not be able to categorize energy sucking behavior, but you definitely feel it. Be sure to stay as far away from it as you can!

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