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Counting Calories: What does 200 Calories Look Like?

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Counting Calories: What does 200 Calories Look Like?

Counting Calories: What does 200 Calories Look Like?

Calories vary significantly from food types. Of course, for food that is high in sugar and fat, for example, peanut butter, one would presume the calories to be high. However, how much peanut butter can you expect to get for say 200 calories? Considering the quantity you get for a certain level of calories, certainly puts the nutritional value of the food into perspective.

Our infographic compares different food types and drinks of 200 calories. For example, for 200 calories you can expect to get 588 grams broccoli or 51 grams of gummy bears. There is obviously a huge difference there in terms of quantity. Of course, this says something about the quality of the food too. Having knowledge like this will most definitely make you look at certain foods in a different way.

In addition, find out the daily calorie intake from countries around the world, how you can burn 200 calories and some very interesting facts and figures about calories. For example, did you know that on average, exercise machines overestimate calories burned by 19 percent? Get more facts like this in our insightful info graphic below:

What does 200 Calories Look Like

Source: evoke.ie

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