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10 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Now

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10 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Now

10 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Now

We’ve all been there. We keep a watchful eye on what we’re putting in our mouths. We scour product labels for hidden sugars, fats, and other ingredients. Yet, when it comes to paying attention to what goes in, we often forget about our drinks. So many everyday drinks contain hidden sugars, fats, and other ingredients that sabotage our efforts. Consider these 10 drinks that may be killing your weigh-ins.

10 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Now 2

1. Diet Pop: Ditch the diet pop. While it may be your one vice while out to eat with family and friends, it’s void of nutrition and may be doing more damage than the no-calorie experience is worth.

2. Whipped Coffee: Both hard on the wallet and the waistline, these drinks are typically made with 2% milk, contain 800 calories and 170 grams of sugar per serving.

3. Energy Drinks: Filled with high sugar and caffeine, these drinks definitely give you a boost that is short lived and will send you crashing once you come off the sugar and caffeine high they provide. Just power through your next mid-day drowsy time and your body will thank you.

10 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Now 1

4. Pre-made smoothies: The fruit on the front of the package is so tempting. Made with some fruit, lots of refined sugar and full-fat milk, these smoothies can be convenient, yet detrimental, to your weight loss goals. Consider taking the high road with some fresh or frozen fruit, almond milk, and greek yogurt instead.

5. Flavored Waters: While tasty, these waters are packed with added sugars and leave you thirsting for actual water. Just make it a plain water for better health benefits.

10 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Now

6. Juice Drinks: Don’t be tempted by the title of juice. Devoid of fruit, each juice drink has as much sugar as eating a candy bar.

7. Sports Drinks: While refreshing after a tough workout or game, these drinks contain a mix of natural and artificial sweeteners, along with several GMO additives that can’t be pronounced. Next time try zero calorie Smartwater.

8. Fruit Juice: Fruit juice has vital nutrients, but you might as well be eating 3 1/2 donuts. Avoid the high sugar in juice by eating a piece of fresh fruit instead.

9. Store-Bought Lemonade: Just like other fruit juices, store bought lemonade has the same sweeteners used in soda and is like liquid candy.

10. Frozen Mixed Drinks: Frozen drink mixes like pina coladas contain a whopping 880 calories per serving, more than an average calorie allotment for dinner. Stick to beverages lower in sugar and calories and actually eat your dinner.

With all that we shouldn’t drink, what should we drink? Keep water on the top of your list. Most of us don’t consume enough of it each day. Shoot for at least 64 oz per day at a minimum. After that, look for non-GMO, all-natural ingredients and enjoy a refreshing drink!

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