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How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

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How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

The desire for curly hair is common, but the more well-known methods of curling your hair often involve the use of heat. Whether it is from curling irons or hair dryers, which then lead to dry hair, split ends and other types of damage, the damage can be obvious. Fortunately, there are other methods that can easily give you the curly hair you want without compromising the healthy hair you deserve.

How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Use an Old T-shirt for Safe Curlers

First, choose an old t-shirt and cut it into long strips. If you have very thick or long hair, you may need to use more than one shirt. If you’re unsure, see how much of your hair can be contained by the remains of one shirt.

Then, shampoo and condition your hair as normal, leaving your hair damp and free and any mousse, gel, spray, leave-in conditioner, etc. Comb till it’s smooth, after towel drying. It is essential that your hair is damp, but not sopping wet, at this point.

Next, use each strip of fabric to roll your hair. The fabric ends can be used to tie it off, which secures the curls. As with other curling methods, tighter curls are achieved through tighter strips and looser curls are possible with looser ties.

For best results, sleep with your low-tech curlers in or leave them in for several hours, (until dry) during the day. Finally, use combs or picks to tame them when your hair dries.

Braid Wet Hair for Easy Curls

Whether you prefer tight curls, big curls or just a general wave, a braid is undoubtedly one of the best options. Start with damp, clean hair with no additives and consider what curls you want now.

A single French braid, regardless of how long your hair is, will give any hair new curls. A tighter braid or multiple, small braids is useful for fine, thin or shorter hair and long hair can benefit from one, long braid that uses all of the hair.

If you want an all-over curl, get all of the hair into a braid. Don’t forget the strays around the hairline and depending on your existing haircut, may even include your bangs.

In conclusion, there are significant risks of excessive heat use on your hair. Moisture loss and brittle or thinning hair are known problems. Unless it’s a special occasion, it’s best to be safe.

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