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Master This Move for a Bikini Butt Before Summer Hits!

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Master This Move for a Bikini Butt Before Summer Hits!

Master This Move for a Bikini Butt Before Summer Hits!

There is one effective move to quickly create your ideal butt dimensions that doesn’t involve squats or lunges. However, you must properly extend your back, your hips and hamstrings using some form of resistance/weight training (i.e., barbell plate, barbells dumbbells, medicine ball, kettlebell for best results) that also reduces the possibility of injury.

Master This Move for a Bikini Butt Before Summer Hits

Hip Thrusts

Combined with the right amount of reps and sets, workout frequency and recovery time, hip thrusts is a very effective exercise for increasing size in the gluteus maximus while rounding out the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. There are 2,000 variations of hip thrusts that you can do, but one of the most common form of hip thrusts involves using barbells and moving your body up and down as if it were a giant lever. The general goal of hip thrusts is to finish the movement with 1.5 times your body weight and a minimum of three reps of 10, holding each rep for up to 10 seconds. It’s important for your body to stay aligned when doing this excercise:

Close Stance Barbell Hip Thrust

1. Lay down on mat resting head on a towel for comfort. Place dumbbells on top of each hip then pull knees upward until they form upside down Vs while keeping the feet flat on the mat. Your ankles should be positioned directly underneath your knees.

2. Tighten your abs, hamstrings and glutes, and then push your body upward with your heel. Try to tighten your butt as much as possible on the way up, making sure that your back is firmly off the ground. Your body should form a bridge between the knees and shoulders.

3. Slowly descend to resume your starting position; be sure not to let your butt plop down onto the mat to maintain resistance in the glutes.

Body movement involves an intricate system of levers. Moving against the force of gravity creates greater stress in the glute muscles which causes them to keep growing as you change up your workout routine. After a while, your butt muscles will begin to cramp and burn by the time you finish your reps, a sure-fire sign that you’re optimizing the stress created in your muscles. In order to target all muscle fibers, use lighter weights for higher repetitions, and heavier weights for lower repetitions.

If you don’t work your butt muscles regularly, you’ll notice that they’ll start to shrink, flatten and sag from added body fat and muscle atrophy. Hip thrusts are the preferred exercise versus other butt exercises because it targets and sculpts all three glute muscles to achieve the butt shape and size you want faster!

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