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How to Safely Have Sex During Pregnancy

How to Safely Have Sex During Pregnancy

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Guidelines for Safe Sex During Pregnancy
When you find out you’re pregnant, you immediately have all kinds of questions. Anything you do is now subject. You start wondering whether or not you can eat certain foods or if certain activities will hurt your baby. Of course, you wonder if it’s safe to have sex. In this article, we’ll discuss safe sex while you’re pregnant. If you follow some simple dos and don’ts, you’ll be able to have sex without having to worry about harming you’re baby.

How to Safely Have Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Sex Is Safe

During a healthy pregnancy, sex is perfectly safe. You may even feel more interested in sex, as being pregnant will change your body’s hormones. For most pregnancies, having sex can be seen as a natural act that can be safe and enjoyable.

You Can’t Harm Your Baby

In a healthy pregnancy, your baby is within an amniotic sac, which is a fluid-filled membrane that is responsible for protecting your baby while in the womb. Safely sex doesn’t hurt the baby because the baby is well-protected. Granted, you don’t want to put yourself in any risky positions, but as long as you practice some simple precautions, pregnancy sex won’t harm your baby.

Comfortable and Safe

Again, don’t put yourself in any risky positions. You wouldn’t want to lie on your stomach, for instance. It’s best to lie on your back or side. If you feel uncomfortable or if you have back pain, you can put a pillow underneath your back, which may help alleviate some pressure. Some women find it quite comfortable to lie on their side. You can also get on top.

Talk to Your Doctor

Of course, if you feel any discomfort or pain, it’s best to talk with your doctor. Below, we’ll discuss a couple of reasons you may want to abstain. The first step would be to discuss your discomfort with your doctor and perhaps have some additional tests run to make sure everything is fine and that you have a healthy pregnancy. So long as you have a healthy pregnancy, you should not have to worry.


Reasons for Abstinence

There are a few reasons you may want to abstain from pregnancy sex. If you are pregnant with multiple babies, sex could be risky. Similarly, if you’ve had a miscarriage in the past or premature birth, these could be signs that you need to be more careful during your pregnancy. If you have problems with your cervix, you may want to abstain. Cervix problems could include your cervix opening too early or a condition known as placenta previa, whereby the placenta is covering your cervix during pregnancy. An open cervix could lead to premature birth, which having sex could trigger. During placenta previa, since the placenta is covering the cervix, sex could cause the placenta to detach, which could be very harmful to mother and child.

Again, for most pregnancies, sex is perfectly normal, natural, and healthy. There are some risk factors as mentioned above, but as long as you stay informed by talking with your partner and your doctor, you should be able to enjoy sex while having a healthy pregnancy.

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