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Normal Delivery Vs C Section: Danger and Benefits

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Normal Delivery Vs C Section: Danger and Benefits

Normal Delivery Vs C Section: Danger and Benefits

Giving birth is an inevitable topic for couples that want to have a family. Babies can come into this world through two ways: Normal birth delivery or a surgical delivery by cesarean section, but the ultimate aim is to give birth safely to a healthy baby. In some cases, doctors may advise and plan for a C-section due to medical reasons that make normal delivery risky. Some medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes may result in the need for a caesarean section.

Normal Delivery Vs C Section- Danger and Benefits

Normal delivery is in most cases uncomplicated and most natural way to give birth. Since every woman can decide how they would like to deliver, it is crucial to understand the advantages and risks involved in both options. Here are the pros and cons for C-section deliveries and natural birthing to both the mother and the baby.

Normal Delivery Pros:

For the Mother

According to psychologists, women who opt for natural birthing have a more positive delivery experience. Women who prefer natural delivery feel it is an empowering experience to be actively involved in the process of giving birth. Mothers using this method of delivery, benefit from a shorter recovery period than women who choose the cesarean section. Giving birth naturally, allows the baby to make skin-to-skin contact with its mother immediately after delivery. The skin-to-skin contact speeds up the process of bonding.

For the Baby
Babies born through the natural delivery have less medical complications. These babies have the ability to breastfeed sooner. They also have less respiratory problems and fewer allergies. During natural birthing, muscles involved are likely to squeeze fluid found in the lungs of newborns out. Besides, they get an early good bacteria dose as they move through their mothers’ canal, which boosts their immune systems.

Normal Delivery Cons:

For the Mother

Natural birthing can be stressing as a woman may not be entirely aware of the long the delivery will take. Depending on certain factors, some deliveries will be shorter and others longer. The tissues and muscles around the woman’s privates may stretch and tear thereby requiring stitches. The stretching may weaken or injure the pelvic muscles.

For the Baby
If the baby is large or the delivery takes longer than expected, the baby may get some injuries during the process of giving birth. A child may suffer a fractured collarbone or a bruised scalp. Unlikely in most cases, some babies may experience hemorrhage in their brains.

Cesarean Section Pros:

C Section

For the Mother

Most women prefer C-section to natural delivery to avoid long hours of labor. Planning for the cesarean section surgery gives expectant mothers the opportunity to plan for the birth. Women, who select the C-section delivery, face no risk of damage to their pelvic floor, which could lead to incontinence.

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For the Baby

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For mothers with large babies, twins, or multiples, the C-section delivery is an ultimate option. This way, you will avoid injuring your child. Additionally, mothers with certain diseases like HIV and after testing the blood indicates a high viral load; a C-section decreases the risk of the baby getting infections.

Cesarean Section Cons:

For the Mother

Typically, a C-section will make a woman stay for a longer period in the health facility compared to normal delivery. After giving birth, a woman may face risks of physical complaints. C-section can lead to blood loss as well as make women prone to greater risks of infections. Additionally, women may take long to start breastfeeding than those opting for natural delivery. Natural births in future will also be impossible.

For the Baby

Some of the babies born through C-section have respiratory problems like asthma. Babies born through a cesarean section faces risks of anesthesia problems as well as baby nicking. Children also face the risk of a stillbirth.

Overall, there are substantial factors that influence the type of delivery you choose. The final decision lies with the expectant mother. In the past three years, there has been a decrease of approximately 32% in deliveries through C-section. For mothers who are in a dilemma of the delivery method to choose, they should talk with their surgeons to make an informed conclusion.

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