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Stress And Your Friendly Relation : Why Mars Or Venus Matters

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Stress And Your Friendly Relation : Why Mars Or Venus Matters

Stress can do a lot of good things for your body. Stressing your lungs and heart, for example, can build good aerobic fitness. Stressing your muscles in weightlifting activities makes you stronger over time. But, chronic elevated stress is bad for you. It can cause a cascade of hormone-driven health problems, and men and women each react differently to stress. Here’s what it means for you and how you can stay healthy in the face of impending “doom.”


When women are stressed, they release a large amount of the hormone oxytocin along with cortisol. This oxytocin has the effect of blunting cortisol so that it doesn’t produce the same effects seen in men.

And, while men also have the ability to release oxytocin, they do so in much smaller amounts. In other words, men have the potential to become more stressed out than women based on cortisol levels. This doesn’t always mean that they will, however. It’s just the potential.

Some researchers also suggest that men are more prone to pure “fight or flight” responses, while women are “tend or befriend” response-oriented. But, men aren’t at a total disadvantage when it comes to cortisol. There’s an advantage that comes with an adrenaline rush and the “fight or flight” response.

Blood Sugar

Blood sugar swings are something that women are famous for – many pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes (GD) due to the stress of being pregnant and the demands on the body’s systems. If the doctor suspects GD, or if a test confirms it, the mother will need a blood glucose monitor to monitor her blood sugar levels and to prevent a more serious complication that could affect the baby.

Usually, however, after the baby is born, gestational diabetes immediately goes away, provided the woman adhered to a strict diet during pregnancy.

How Both Friendly Relation Can Manage Stress

Managing stress doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require a concerted effort. For women, regular spa treatments may be in order. Women may also benefit from support groups and just talking to friends and family.

Men, on the other hand, often seek an escape activity to get relief. A distraction provides a way to “get away” from the problem so that they can settle down.

For example, many men golf or go bowling. Some men will act out their stress in high-risk, thrill-seeking ways, like bungee jumping or skydiving.

Others will use high-impact sports as a way to get their frustrations out – or simply go to a sports bar to watch a game and talk about their problems while watching someone get their head smashed to pieces during a football game or UFC fight.

For both Friendly Relations, meditation can help. Mobile apps, like Headspace, can teach you how to meditate in about 10 minutes. Simple breathing exercises might also help.

The causes of stress in both men and women vary, but for men, it’s often Friendly Relation performance-related or work-related, while women experience stress over self-sacrifice in relationships – the feeling that they are giving up a part of themselves for “the relationship.”

In both cases, the solution is to recognize the triggers and know how to either avoid or minimize their impact.

Jeremy Lim has worked at a family health clinic for some time now. An avid blogger, he likes to share what he learns with others by posting on the web. You can read his illuminating articles on fitness, health, lifestyle, and family-based websites and blogs. For more information on controlling blood sugar levels see the OneTouch glucometer.

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