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10 Signs That You Act Older Than Your Age

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10 Signs That You Act Older Than Your Age

10 Signs That You Act Older Than Your Age

Listen, there’s a lot to love about our elders. Wisdom, maturity, a regal bearing…But these attributes appear at a certain time, and those who possess them are often described with phrases like “young in spirit.” What about those who are “old in spirit,” but not really old? These people have all of the negative qualities of aging, without the wisdom or age to back it up! Here are ten signs that you are acting older than you are.

1. You constantly make comments about “dating yourself” or being old.
This is a big one. Do you know anyone who says things like this?
“Back in the day, when we used to go to Green Day concerts…sorry, I’m dating myself!” No, actually, you weren’t until you called attention to your age, which makes you seem old regardless of the actual number. Never apologize for your age; you earned it!

2. You haven’t changed your hair, clothes, or makeup in twenty years.
Take a look in the mirror! Break out of your rut. Maybe look at the interwebs for inspiration. Which leads to the third sign…

10 Signs That You Act Older Than Your Age

3. You don’t keep up with technology.
Now, you don’t have to be well-versed on every small detail of each new smartphone that hits the market, but some general knowledge of what’s going on in the world is a good thing.

4. You make a fuss about being carded.
Just enjoy it. That is all. No need to harp on it or gloat.

5. You still sign your Facebook posts.
Your name is already there for everyone to see. No need to repeat it.

6. Your friends call you “Grandma” or “Grandpa” because of your sleeping schedule.
You know who you are! Now get out of bed!

7. When you meet a younger person, you like to keep mentioning how much older you are, even if it’s only by five years.
Just stop. Seriously. No one cares that you’re freaking out about getting older, except for you. It’s a boring topic. And what if your friend was planning to hit on that young bartender before you ruined the whole thing by making dumb jokes about being alive during the Civil War?

8. You talk about “taping” things on TV or “leaving a message on the recorder.”
Please just stick with “recording” or even “DVRing” when it comes to TV. Also, the “recorder” is gone. It has been gone for a long, long time. The word “voicemail” is now your friend. Embrace it.

9. You like to mention the “good old days,” or anything resembling that phrase.
Look, we all have memories. But nostalgia’s an interesting thing. Some studies have shown that we humans can be prone to remembering events as better than they were. Take a leap. Move forward with your life.

10. You complain that the music’s too loud.
It’s not. You’re just acting old!

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