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Sea Vegetables and Aloe for Better Health

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Sea Vegetables and Aloe for Better Health

Dear Friends,

Today, we have so many different things thrown at us that are supposed to make us healthier, help us lose weight, give us more energy, prevent diseases, relieve stress, ease pain……….the list goes on and on.   But often times, the things that work the best are not the newest fad to hit the streets;  in fact many of the best health remedies have been around since before the father of medicine ( Hippocrates for anybody who doesn’t know).

Two such items revered for their health benefits are Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera.  These days, many people do not use these vital health providers unless they live in coastal regions.  But, fact is that Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera could be the difference in living a full healthy life or suffering with countless health problems.  The reason being the number of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides and a special something called Fuciodans.

The fact of the matter is that farmlands all across the world have been getting demineralized due to excessive farming and not replacing all the elements needed for healthy soil, which in turn would make healthy plants and then healthy people.  So even the best organic food money can buy could be depleted of important elements unless they have been grown in an area that has been remineralized. Many diseases that exist today are because of the lack of nutrients in the soil.  Using supplements to replace all these vital nutrients in our body has become an absolute need.  Sea Vegetables and Aloe can fill this need.

I personally have had a very hard time sticking to health routines, no matter how good they sound, for one simple reason;  I can’t stand taking handfuls of pills, capsules, etc everyday.  And to replace every nutrient in your body on a daily basis would easily take at least one handful.  That’s why I want to be able to share something I have discovered with everyone I can.  I started using a whole foods based supplement made from 9 Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera.  Not only has it helped me in many ways physically, but I have been taking it for almost 2 years now and have not felt the need to take handfulls of pills on the side.  One bottle contains 120 or so nutrients that are vital to my health and well being.  I can actually notice the affects it has on my body vs taking the pill forms which made me feel like taking them was a waste of time and money.

Did you know that pill forms, no matter how healthy and natural the ingedients are will be rejected by your body because it is not in a naturally accepted state that your body can absorb?  In fact, only about 20% of most capsuls, pills, etc gets used and the rest gets flushed away.  On the flip side, if you take a supplement that is made from whole food and kept in a state that is accepted by the body at least 80% of that will get absorbed and utilized by the body.

This may sound gross, but the proof is in the urine.  Have you ever had someone recommend B6, I believe it is, and they tell you that you know you are taking it because it changes the color of your urine.  I have figured out recently why that is.  It is because it is not being absorbed by the body and getting flushed out.  What I have been realizing more and more is that when your body is utilizing what you are putting in it, less goes to waste and your urine color is almost non-existent.  When things are not being utilized it gets darker and darker.

Until next post,

Emily  Henke

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