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13 Clever Things You Can Do With Silica Gel

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13 Clever Things You Can Do With Silica Gel

13 Clever Things You Can Do With Silica Gel

Do you simply throw away those little packets of silica gel? This article will change your thoughts regarding those packets you often find in bottles of pills, new shoes, and other packages. Silica gel absorbs moisture, it’s actually a porous mineral with a natural attraction to water molecules. It’s used by manufacturers to protect goods from getting spoiled by humidity. Although there is currently no way to recycle them, you can reuse silica gel in many ways:


Dry a wet phone
Oh no! Your phone fell in the sink! Or into a puddle, or someone spilled a drink on it. Now what? Don’t panic. Fix it by removing the battery and placing all of it in a bowl filled with silica gel packets. Leave it to dry several hours or overnight before putting it back together and turning it on.

Preserve razor blades
Oxidation dulls razor blades. Extend their life by placing them with silica gel packets after use, wipe off excess water first.

Waterproof camera saver
Love underwater photography? Keep some silica gel packets in your camera bag and with film. It will absorb moisture from the camera and prevent a foggy streak from developing on the camera lens.

Storing books
Want to avoid the musty smell from stored books? Toss some silica gel packets in the container to keep them from smelling.

Dry flowers
If you want to dry flowers for any purpose and you want to speed up the process by keeping the flowers with some silica gel packets to absorb the moisture quickly.

Keep your food fresher longer
Although silica gel is not edible you can keep them in food containers to keep food fresher longer. Use it in spice drawers, dried fruit, brown sugar, herbs, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables that sprout over time.

Preserve photos
You can protect your precious photographs with silica gel? Place the packets between photos, cards, or in scrapbooks every two pages or so. The gel will absorb the extra water and keep your photos and cards dry and safe.

Stop tools from rusting
Just like razor blades you can protect your tools from the oxidation caused by moisture. Keep some silica gel packets in your tool kit or bag. Your tools will stay dry and rust-free.

In your gym bag
Does your gym bag smell disgusting from sweaty clothes and shoes? Keep some silica gel packets in your gym bag to absorb moisture from your gym stuff. This will also help avoid bacterial growth from moisture.

Safe DVDs/Cassette Tapes
If you don’t want to lose your collection of cassettes and CDs you can help preserve them use silica gel packs. Place some packets with your collection and keep them safe.

Dry make-up
Keep some silica gel packets in your make-up box to avoid moisture spoiling your expensive products.

Wet clothes
If you going on vacation and part of it includes swimming and other water activities don’t forget to take some silica gel packets along. Keep your wet clothes and towels in a bag with some silica gel packets. The more packets the better to help reduce moisture.

Gardening seeds
If you want to save some seeds for next season the solution is right here, keep the seeds with silica gel packets in small envelopes then in an airtight container. One packet per container is sufficient.

13 Other Things You Can Do With Silica Gel

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