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6 Mistakes Unhappy Couples Make Daily

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6 Mistakes Unhappy Couples Make Daily

6 Mistakes Unhappy Couples Make Daily

When we’re young we may dream of a romantic happy relationship with our future partner. In the early days of marriage everything goes smoothly, but later we come back to a reality which contradicts our dreams. Let’s not blame a particular gender. There are common mistakes both men and women make in their daily life that can be damaging. Before your status changes to depressed from unhappy, read the list below and try to avoid these behaviors:

6 Mistakes Unhappy Couples Make Daily

Expecting your partner to act how you want
This might be the most common cause of arguments between couples, a difference of opinion, beliefs, thinking, values, and judgments can result in arguments. It’s not necessary for your partner to think or act like you. Can you pretend to be someone else? If you can’t be someone else you can’t expect him/her to do it either. Give your partner the freedom to be themselves. It’s not about you, but you two as a couple.

Expecting him/her to make you happy every day
If you are unhappy because your partner doesn’t make you happy come out of the fairytale sweetheart! If you ask a happy couple if they expect their partner to make them happy they will call it an unrealistic lame notion. Somewhere deep down inside we know very well that we can’t make someone happy on a daily basis, yet we expect partner to do so. Isn’t it enough that they love you for who you are? Happiness is something you choose, it comes from you.

Assuming he/she is a mind reader
Get it into your head that your significant other is not a mind reader. Your desires and thoughts may be clear to you, but are not to your partner unless you clearly state them. Learn to express what you expect or desire from your partner.

Fighting mad
Sometimes we just lose it, but nothing good happens when you fight when your blood is boiling. When you are extremely angry you can’t think straight. Avoid further arguments when you or your partner are angry. This does not mean you’re wrong, it shows love and respect for your partner beyond this argument. You can have a signal that shows you’re taking a break and just stop.

Being snarky
Learn to respect your partner. Control your temper and try not to be rude. Your partner is your other half and your choice. If you are angry that’s your problem, don’t vent to your partner. Try to keep your tone polite. Being snippy will make you and your partner unhappy..

You prefer being right over being in love
No doubt there are times your partner is wrong or makes mistakes, but if you need to be right and tell them they are wrong it can hurt your partner’s feelings. They might start arguing or try to justify their mistake. Sometimes it’s better to trust your partner more than to be right.

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