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Tips And Tricks To Train Your Dog/Puppy

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Tips And Tricks To Train Your Dog/Puppy

Tips And Tricks To Train Your Dog/Puppy

Trained dogs can make life easier and they often fill the place of a true friend. A dog that is properly trained is more welcome at other people’s houses and will destroy yours much less! Here are some helpful tips:

Tips And Tricks To Train Your Dog


People have various opinions about dog training, some say dogs should only be rewarded for good behavior while others say you should be strict while teaching them just like a leader. Whatever strategy you follow, the goal is the same, changing the behavior of your dog. The two most important rules to keep in mind when training your dog are:

• Always reward your dog for good behavior and
• NEVER reward behavior you don’t like

The first thing is practice sessions which should be short, about 5 minutes at first. Dogs take it as a game and will enjoy different sessions of practice. Try each session in different places, the garden, kitchen, hall, living room, or when you are out for walk. This way he will get used to your commands in all situations and places. Obedience training will help you develop a strong relationship with your dog.

Table Manners

Fulfilling your puppies every demand can turn out to be a major problem in the long run when he becomes an adult. Make sure that your dog/puppy knows you will not respond to his every demand.
Help him understand unpredictable behavior of small children around him. He should learn to withstand that behavior and not take it as a threat. Train him by behaving like a child, like irritating him while he is eating, step quickly towards him and leave a treat in his bowl. Do anything that is likely to distract him like poking him, playing with toys, or running around, but drop a reward into his bowl for continuing to eat peacefully. Try it regularly but not at every meal. If results are negative try seeking the advice of a certified dog trainer.

Know Your Dog

Often people complain that their dogs will not listen to them, which is not true. Imagine yourself in a conversation where someone is continuously speaking to you in a language you don’t understand. Would you understand anything? Of course not! To develop clear communication with your dog, you should know how he learns. Usually dogs learn from the consequences of their behavior, depending on the nature of the result. They don’t repeat behavior which yielded a bad return in the past, and often repeat behavior that earned rewards. That’s why it’s important to reward your dog for good habits.

Tips And Tricks To Train Your Dog 1


This includes using terms like, “tell me,” with your dog. Your dog will tell you each time he sees a stranger at your place or any uneven movement of a person. Have him sit directly front of you and stare him in his eye ball and say, “Tell me,” or “Speak” until he gets confused and barks in frustration. Time for a treat! (This is exactly what you wanted) Reward him with his favorite thing or food.

Try the same process several times and give loads of praise and treats for any progress during the training session. Your dog is going to love it, and will learn to respond to your needs quickly. If you want to add variations just use the words tell me before what you want. For example:

Want to go out? (tell me out)
Want to eat? (tell me eat)
Want a drink? (tell me water)
Use this trick every time your dog barks during a moment you want to reinforce.


You’ve gotten a new puppy/dog recently and the first thing you want him to learn is to sit at your command, this is the easiest command. Make sure your voice is not irritating to the dog and always speak politely. Dogs learn from our body language and non-verbal hints more than most people know. Adopt behavior that will help you in training sessions, pat their back and show them some love in reward.

Pee or Poop

This might be the most desired command you want your dog to follow. It’s important when you don’t have time to go out with your dog or they still have housebreaking issues. Initially you need to have your dog on a leash each time he goes out until he learns to respond to your command, and of course don’t forget treats when he performs.

Choose a code word and whenever you notice your dog sniffing around looking for a place to poop immediately use this word. You can choose any word you want that signals your dog that its time to go, for example go out, shoo away, or poo out. Just make sure you don’t use this word in regular conversation or it will not be effective. It will take some time for your dog to learn this command but you will love the results.

Don’t Jump

It’s hard to stop your dog from jumping on you or on other people so this is an important command. Many people are annoyed when a dog jumps on them, especially with muddy paws that scratch bare legs or ruin clothing.

Let your dog know you appreciate dogs who keep their paws on the floor when you meet them. You can teach this by your actions. The reason dogs jump is that they want your attention, so don’t pay attention when they are jumping on you, wait until his paws are on the floor. Keep your hands and eyes averted until his feet are on the floor.
If your dog starts jumping when you walk in the door turn and walk away without speaking, the moment his paws touch the floor turn and shower love on him. If he again starts jumping, stand up and ignore him. Repeat as needed. The idea is to let him know that not jumping is a desired behavior.

Don’t ever ignore him, even when you are frustrated at his jumping, when he keeps his feet on the floor or it will break the connection that is developing and all your effort will be in vain.
If none of these work please consider obedience classes, you attend with your dog so you learn together.

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