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The Personality Type That Makes You Fat

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The Personality Type That Makes You Fat

The Personality Type That Makes You Fat

You know what will make you fat. If you aren’t active and you eat too much, especially the wrong kind of foods, you will pack on the pounds. Don’t get enough sleep, drink too much alcohol, and get older. That will probably make you weigh more too. However, there’s something else that could be your enemy in the battle of the bulge. Your personality could be holding you back, making you fat. Before you throw in the towel and surrender, take heart. Even if you have a personality that works against you for your weight, you can do something about it.

Personality Type That Makes You Fat

What Type of Personality is Likely to Make You Fat?
According to the Business Insider, your personality traits could be your downfall when it comes to managing your waist line. If you are extremely emotional, you are going to tend to eat sweets and indulge in foods that will help you manage your feelings. If you are an extrovert, you’ll tend to get together with others. Social gatherings often revolve around food. If you are the life of the party, your weight could be affected.

Men’s Fitness weighed in as well on the connection between personality type and weight. While the extroverted personality type and those who were neurotic were in the highest risk group, people without an open mind were also found to be in a problem group. While the more open-minded individual tends to try new things, the opposite type of person can get stuck in a rut. That rut can lead to weight gain if the wrong kind of foods are top picks. People who have a devil-may-care attitude are at risk also because they are willing to go with the flow and eat depending on the whims of the moment.

How to Combat Personality in the War Against Weight Gain
According to the Association for Psychological Science, you can do something about your personality traits to reverse weight gain. Mainly, if you are an extrovert and you enjoy getting together with others, set up a party at your own home and provide healthy refreshments. If you are going out, drink water before your meal to curb your appetite and choose the best alternatives on the menu. You can also opt for active gatherings, like a hike or an outdoor sport to join in the fun without the food.

Feed Your Emotions the Right Kind of Food
If you are an emotional eater, have the right kind of food on hand. Load up on fresh produce and cut it into bite-size pieces. Make smoothies that are filled with healthy ingredients. Keep nuts on hand to give yourself omega-3 fatty acids and make yourself feel satisfied. Get up and get moving instead of letting your emotions control you.

Take a Lesson from Personality Types that Work
Conscientious people and those who are open-minded do best when it comes to keeping their weight under control. Set boundaries for yourself and stick with them. Commit yourself to try something new and you might find the foods that will keep your weight in check.

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