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What is Your Acne Telling You About Your Hidden Health Problems

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What is Your Acne Telling You About Your Hidden Health Problems

What is Your Acne Telling You?


Sometimes we think the problem behind our acne is a hormonal imbalance, but this can’t be true every time. Our faces depict our emotions and our health. Some doctors can diagnose a problem by looking at your face because of face mapping. Face mapping can be a key to every mysterious problem behind your skin and body. Its a popular method in skin care by focusing on the different areas of your face.

Acne can indicate many things about your health. What does it mean when it happens to occur on:

1. Forehead: Start drinking water as soon as you notice acne on your forehead, its caused by poor digestion due to toxins and lack of water. Drinking water will help you flush out the toxins. You need have at least 8 large glasses of water each day and avoid fizzy and caffeinated drinks. Take care of your diet, try herbal tea, especially green tea.

2. T-Zone: This is the area between your eyebrows linked with your nose. Since your nose is linked to your liver, acne here indicates unhealthy functioning of your liver.

3. Around Your Eyes: The area around your eyes indicates the health of your kidneys. Anything that occurs around your eyes including dark circles indicates improper function of your kidneys and dehydration. Drink more water to avoid this.

What is Your Acne Telling You?

4. Cheeks: Cheeks are divided into two parts, upper and lower. The upper cheek is connected to your lungs, acne here happens when you breathe in polluted environment or smoke. If you are in a polluted area this area is more likely to get affected by dirt and filth. Use of mobile phones can be harmful as it secretes dirt onto your face and clogs pores. Change your pillowcase every week and try to avoid sleeping on the affected side. Eat more kale, sprouts, and pumpkin.
Lower cheek indicates poor dental hygiene. If you are having any problems in your mouth, especially in the gums this will be clearly visible. Keep your teeth healthy by brushing regularly and flossing your teeth. Avoid fizzy drinks and sugary products.

5. Nose: Your nose is connected to your heart. A swollen or bulbous nose is an indication of high blood pressure. If you have this type of nose avoid energy drinks. Reduce intake of salt and start eating more fruits and vegetables.

What is Your Acne Telling You? Poster

6. Ears: Ears are linked to kidneys, you might have breakouts on your ears if your body lacks water. Avoid excess salt and caffeine.

7. Chin: Your chin is linked to the small intestine. Your diet causes breakouts here. Avoid dairy products and oily foods. Acne on your chin shows that you are not eating a healthy diet, add more fruits and vegetables and eliminate unhealthy food.

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