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The Hidden Secrets Of Feet Language

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The Hidden Secrets Of Feet Language

The Hidden Secrets Of Feet Language

Feet Don’t Lie: Look Down to Tell What Others Are Really Thinking

The ability to read body language can provide valuable insight into other people’s feelings and intentions. When we’re monitoring body language, we only tend to pay attention to the face. Unfortunately, faces often lie. There’s a whole world of information hiding further down if you know what to look for. The next time you’re wondering what someone is really thinking, try sneaking a peek at their feet for answers.

The Hidden Secrets Of Feet Language


Feet can speak volumes. They adjust themselves, often without our knowledge, to the way we feel about the way a conversation is going. When you approach someone and they turn their feet in your direction, and not just their torso, they’re inviting you to join in the discussion. This movement also helps to facilitate trust.

On the other hand, if a person’s feet are pointed away from you, it’s a sign that you’re not welcome. Say you’re walking toward a couple of your co-workers engaged in a conversation. You can expect one out of two outcomes. If they turn their torsos toward you but not their feet, they want you to butt out. If they shift their feet and bodies toward you, they want you to jump into the conversation.

Feet can also be a sign that someone is tired of talking. If the person’s feet turn away from you while you’re talking to them, especially if their feet point toward a door, it’s time to finish up what you’re saying.


Why This Happens

Feet are a better predictor of someone’s true feelings because we don’t train them to lie. You can control facial expressions and posture to convey false emotions, but that’s only because we pay attention to those things. While you’re busy focusing on your facial and upper body expressions, your feet are giving everything away.

Feel Free to Look

It’s often not socially acceptable to gaze at the floor when you’re talking to someone, but it’s a potentially valuable practice. By doing this, you can better attune yourself to other people’s true feelings. It’s entirely possible that deciphering this simple code could help you improve relationships, be more successful and communicate more effectively.


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