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10 Signs You’ve Reached Peak Comfort Levels In Your Relationship

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10 Signs You've Reached Peak Comfort Levels In Your Relationship

10 Signs You’ve Reached Peak Comfort Levels In Your Relationship

When it comes to moving forward in your relationship, there are many signs that you’ve become more comfortable and aren’t afraid to be yourself. From belching to backrubs, there are a few ways that reveal that you’ve reached a new comfort level with your significant other.

Comfort Levels In Your Relationship

1. You Pop Each Others’ Pimples

You may spot a blackhead or pimple on your beau and are now not afraid to dig right in and get rid of the blemish with your own two hands.

2. You Hit the High Notes

When you’ve become more comfortable with your partner, you likely sing in front of the other person and now go for the high notes when playing music in your car.

3. Performing Dutch Ovens in Bed is Frequent

Farting in public may be considered rude, but when it’s with the one you love it’s just another sign of affection. You know you’ve become more comfortable when you begin doing dutch ovens to each other in bed.

4. You Pick Your Nose

There’s no need for a tissue when you need to pick your nose in front of a boyfriend or girlfriend who may not mind when you go digging for gold.

5. You Don’t Wear Makeup

You may have initially been afraid to go without makeup with your new boyfriend, but now you let him see you all natural.

6. Pooping in Front of One Another is Normal

There’s no need for privacy when it comes to pooping for those in serious relationships where it can become a normal habit to go number two in front of one another.

7. You Pick Food Out of Each Other’s Teeth

Instead of telling you about spinach that may be stuck in your teeth while eating, your significant other simply gets it out themselves.

8. Food is Now Shared

Although one person may be a germaphobe, you now share drinks and food without being worried about backwash or sharing cooties.

9. You Pluck Each Other’s Stray Hairs

Your significant other may need help plucking a few stray hairs, which you agree to do without giving it a second thought.

10. You Slap Your Leg When You Laugh

When you’ve reached a new comfort level in your relationship, you likely aren’t afraid to slap your leg when you laugh or reveal your nerdy habits that would likely scare off other people.

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