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How These 10 Herbs Promote Healthy Liver Function

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How These 10 Herbs Promote Healthy Liver Function

The liver is one of the body’s vital organs. In a nutshell, the liver is our filter bag: it stops the bad stuff from going in. Like the air filter in a car, its function can become compromised. Most of us tax our liver and other organs with a Western diet typically high in sodium, sugar, fat and cholesterol. For many people, alcohol and tobacco for are particularly potent and toxic mix.

Fortunately, nature has our backs if we care to listen. There’s a convenient menu of herbs your liver will thank you for. Add these herbs to your daily diet as spices and flavorings or take them in supplement form.


A bile clog within the liver can be most unpleasant. The leaf of this herb enhances bile flow.


A staple in Chinese herb medicine, this herb possesses antiviral and immune-boosting properties. Saponin is a chemical compound intrinsic to astragalus that aids the liver against chemical-caused damage.

Borotutu Bark

This ancient herb helps stop liver damage with its antioxidant arsenal. It’s good for the stomach and GI tract, too.


Dandelion is available in capsule form. Dandelion extract can be used as a tea. Studies demonstrate that dandelion treats swelling of the liver and promotes proper bile function.


Garlic is another comprehensive detox, agent. It aids the immune system and benefits the liver with its rich sulfur content. Sulfur is required to activate the liver’s enzymes that sweep it free of toxins like a push-broom. Garlic is best consumed raw so its compounds are not destroyed. Garlic is a common cooking ingredient. Garlic capsules and soft gels are sold in any pharmacy.

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Greater Celandine

A detox herb and bile facilitator, this herb is rich in alkaloids and antioxidants.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is another supplement-ready herb upheld as the most potent of liver aids. Its power lies in a compound called silymarin, which acts as the proverbial sword against toxins that damage the liver. People who drink and smoke should take milk thistle regularly.


This is a pleasant, great-tasting herb popularly marketed as a tea. It opens up bile ducts and breaks down fats.


Another common spice and bile-promoting agent, turmeric cannot be recommended enough for its superior ability as an anti-inflammatory.

Yellow Dock Root

This acts similarly to peppermint in the breakdown of fats. It also helps to prompt bile production.

As always, we have the know-how. The question is: do we use that knowledge and turn it into a to-do, or ignore it and continue to tax our body to its limits? If we have the resources, the herbs listed are inexpensive, why not use them?

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