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5 Things Men Are Insecure About That Women Won’t Even Notice

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5 Things Men Are Insecure About That Women Won't Even Notice

5 Things Men Are Insecure About That Women Won’t Even Notice

Although women are known to strive for a smaller figure or for longer legs, men are equally insecure about their own bodies and features when interacting with the opposite gender. Although men can lose their cool and overall confidence over a few flaws, women often aren’t able to notice the physical imperfections. For the average male, there are a few insecurities that are most common, but easily go unnoticed by women.

Things Men Are Insecure About That Women Won't Even Notice

1. Physique

You may assume that women are looking just as closely at your body as you’re looking at theirs, but women are not as visual as men and often don’t give it a second thought. Women are much more interested in your personality, maturity, and what you do for a living rather than how defined your abs are.

2. Hairline

You may notice your hairline gradually receding over the years, but it isn’t a deal breaker when it comes to finding true love. Women are attracted to your facial features and how well you treat them rather than if your hair is thinning. Some of the leading men in Hollywood suffer from thinning hair, but manage to maintain their physical appearance simply by shaving their head every few weeks.

3. Chest Hair

For men, too much chest hair can make it difficult to take your shirt off at the beach or wear certain shirts that are cut too low. Although it may be embarrassing, few women care if a man has an excess of hair around the nape of his neck.

4. Butt

Although women may be all about their own butts, they don’t give much thought to the derriere on males. Focus more on developing your personality and maintaining your hygiene to land the right girl.

5. Hands

If a male has dainty hands that look feminine, it can cause him to feel insecure or less masculine. Fortunately, women are more interested in the face and how much a man can make them laugh rather than the structure of their fingers or arms.

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