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5 Reasons You Are Not Sleeping Better at Night

5 Reasons You Are Not Sleeping Better at Night

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Do you find yourself turning and tossing between the sheets at night? Perhaps there is something interfering with your sleep. There might be some daytime habits, such as taking coffee prior to bedtime, or other underlying issues that you need to identify. Irrespective of what is hindering a restful night, it is very crucial to take your sleep as a sign of your wellbeing and not just a way to wind up. According to Terry Cralle, you can figure out why you keep waking up in the wee hours of the night. Terry is a registered nurse and certified clinical sleep educator who serves The Better Sleep Council.

5 Reasons You Are Not Sleeping Better at Night

You are taking caffeine untill late

People who work on a normal daily schedule from 9 am to 5 pm should avoid caffeinated drinks after lunchtime. Most people do think this practical especially those who tend to feel sleepy after lunch. However, caffeine can stay in your system for long. It can be a bad sign if you find yourself craving for a third cup of coffee. Cralle says that people who rely on caffeine throughout the day hardly get enough sleep.

Blame your nightcap

Taking a glass of wine prior to bedtime can initially help you to fall asleep. However, taking nightcaps regularly can give you sleepless nights. It can keep you awake long enough to interfere with your sleep quality in the evening. Cralle notes that alcohol use before bedtime can disrupt your sleep later on and makes it fragmented. This can put you in a vicious cycle of too much caffeine throughout the day. You will thus try to self-medicate with alcohol in the evening or at night. On waking up, you will feel exhausted, and you will crave for more caffeine.

Your bed has issues

The quality of your mattress and/or pillow can determine how you sleep at night. Given that you spend about more than a third of your life asleep, it is worth investing in your rest. Cralle recommends getting a really comfortable mattress because it actually makes a difference. Ensure that you are optimizing your sleep in all possible ways because sleeping well means you will wake up rested prepared for the day.

Poor sleeping environment

Having a comfortable bed doesn’t always mean you will sleep better. It is worth considering how you are utilizing your bedroom space. According to Cralle, you should think of your bedroom as a “sleep sanctuary,” without exercising equipment or clutter. The same way you would organize your office to optimize focus and productivity is how you should treat your bedroom for sleep and sex. Consider painting your bedroom walls with a soothing color and limit light at night.

5 Reasons You Are Not Sleeping Better at Night

Undiagnosed sleep disorder

Keeping a diary can be very helpful to find out the cause if you have disrupted sleep. You should log your quality of sleep every morning. You can also use a sleep tracker to follow your progress for about two weeks. Cralle says that there are more than 88 sleep disorders and most people ignore them without realizing how sleep is important to health.
Cralle recommends bringing up sleep every time you encounter with your healthcare provider. This is because it is very important and paramount to your health.

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